Prompt 129-Storage

What would you like to put in storage?

“Dammit!” Shannon cursed as she rubbed her stubbed toe. She had accidentally dragged the metal base of the ancient recliner over her foot as she moved it to vacuum. The tawny leather armchair was a death trap that had been trying to kill her since she first met her husband all those years ago.

When he moved it into storage for the summer before they had their first place together, she didn’t believe he actually planned on moving it. Surely he would send it home, or leave it in a dumpster somewhere. Surely he would not bring that monstrous thing with them into their home.

But of course he did. Because it was his favorite chair. It had been his father’s chair and his grandfather’s chair before that. And if he had his way, he would pass it on down to his son or son-in-law someday.

Shannon sighed. She finished wrestling the chair to the other side of the room, taking more care now to keep the metal feet away from her delicate toes. She scowled at it. One day she would be rid of it, but for now, she would just have to vacuum around it.

Notes: This is a true story. I hate this chair (sorry babe, you know it). I am not convinced that he doesn’t keep it at this point just to spite me. Our living room has been in its current configuration for about two years or so and he rarely sits in it. I sit in it more often, despite its attempts at murder. Maybe it’s truly a man’s chair and my frail little feminine body just isn’t made to fit it. If I could put it in storage just so I wouldn’t have to look at it, I’d be content.

I actually had a few ideas for this prompt. I was going to write about Lara putting things in storage before heading off on her adventure with Midge. But then I wasn’t sure if that made sense given the world. It gave me some things to think about setting-wise. I also thought about writing from Ali or Hiei’s point of view. What did they do with her stuff after she died? I could have written about a grieving widow or widower deciding what to do with their love’s earthly items. But then I thought about that stupid chair.

I have a lot of crap I wish I could put in storage, if only to get it out of sight for a while. If I don’t end up needing anything out of there for something other than seasonal use, I can just throw it out after a few months. Otherwise, what’s the point of storage? Why do I have so much stuff I need to keep it stored elsewhere?

This turned into more of a rant than a story, my apologies. I suspect tomorrow’s post might also be anecdotal if my brain doesn’t work subconsciously throughout the day. I’ll find something to blame I’m sure. The heat. The stress of buying a house. The ever encroaching heat death of the universe. You know.

Have a great rest of your night/day! Hopefully you don’t drop your coffee in the parking lot like I did today! On the plus side, it could only go up from there! See you tomorrow!

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