Prompt 134-Physically Fit

Have you ever been significantly more or less physically fit than you are today? What was different about that? What was easier? Harder? Did others treat you any differently?

During my junior and senior years of high school, I was on the cross country ski team. I hadn’t played a sport since a season of soccer in seventh or eighth grade that I did not exactly enjoy. I was our goalie and I was not very good at it but I was apparently better than the other girl we had because I played all but one quarter of one game (in which I got to play a different defensive position, but got to run on the field instead of defend the goal and THAT was my favorite part). We only won one game all season (our first) so that might have something to do with my negative memories of it but I digress.

What was I talking about? Oh right, high school. Skiing. I was not a sporty kid. I liked sports. I liked playing outside and running and going for bike rides, but I was far from coordinated. And yet somehow I still ended up on the ski team (read: my varsity-skier friend dragged me to the info session and basically signed me up then and there). I used to alpine ski and had never cross-country skied before, but no one cared because they would teach us newbies once there was snow.

Oh yeah, our season started well before the first flakes of snow hit the ground. So much running and roller blading (and roller skiing) and climbing hills and weight training. A solid month, month and a half of training before we even got on skis. But when those first flakes fell, boy were we ready to go.

I had no idea how all that other stuff would translate to skiing, but my body was in far better condition and I took to my skis pretty quickly. I learned that despite being horribly uncoordinated, I have great balance. I almost never fell, to the point my very gravity-challenged friend (he fell over at the slightest breeze) would cry out in exasperation every time I managed to right myself after what SHOULD have been a very ungraceful fall. (But hey, Grace is my middle name, soo…)

All of this to say, yes, there was a time in my life I was far more physically fit than I am today. But I was also a teenager with a lot of free time and no bills to pay and despite all the angst and journal griping to the contrary my life was great. I am a bit fluffier than I’d like to be but I also accept that my body is not 16 years old anymore and it has had (and is likely going through more) ~changes~ despite my wishes to the contrary (just let me enjoy bread again *sobs*).

I have ambitions of starting to run again once I have a house in a neighborhood I feel safe running in. I’m not totally uncomfortable running around the block where I live now (though my husband is and his anxiety can infect me if I’m not careful) it’s just inconvenient. I don’t like having to carry all my keys on me and I can’t get into the building without my keys. And I prefer road/trail running to treadmill running any day, so I’m loathe to go to the gym and run in one place.

So what about you? Are you an exercise nut? Did you used to be? What happened? I realize I didn’t answer half the questions in the initial prompt but I have exhausted my energy on this topic for tonight and do not want to anymore. Besides, it’s your turn to answer the prompt. You can answer the rest of the questions!

Have a great night! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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