Prompts 138-139

138. Write a one-minute “Thank You” note to someone.

To all my favorite characters,

Thank you for giving me something to believe in even when the world seemed dark. Your adventures and your struggles have seen me through my own troubles time and time again. I am so glad I could join you on your respective journeys and laugh and cry with you, explore the world with you, learn powerful lessons with you. Thank you for being you. Let’s go on more adventures, shall we?


139. What is something you would like to see invented that would make your life easier?

A telepathic typewriter. Lemme just think the words and have them appear on the screen.

Or a dream recorder. Sometimes my dreams are insane and I can’t remember all the details but they would make amazing stories if I could just go back and reference them.

I also need a teleporter. I wanna be able to go from one place to another without the hassle of traveling. No more road rage. No more traffic. Heck, no long walking if I don’t want to. Just POP there I am at my destination. That would make life sooo much easier.

What sort of invention would really help you?

Notes: Two short blurbs early for you tonight. I don’t think this took me even 15 minutes, but I’ve got company coming for the weekend and have to make dinner before they get here! Have a great weekend! I’ll see you Sunday with yet another list of prompts for next week!

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