Week 26

Hello! How was your weekend? Did you have nice weather? Were you able to tackle that project you’d been putting off? How about a nice do-nothing day? Those are great too.

I had (have) company for the weekend. My in-laws came up for a visit. Yesterday was super hot and humid so we mostly stayed indoors in the air conditioning. We did drive to the air museum up by the airport. My husband and I get in free with guests because we work for a local company and it’s a fun little afternoon trip. He’s also a huge aviation geek and loves to look at the old planes.

Today we went to Newport and wandered one of the mansions for a while. It was much cooler today and the sun was out for most of it. Made a nice day for a drive. His mom wanted to do dinner at a place in Mystic she went to last year so that’s where we spent the early portion of our evening. There’s a little drawbridge in town that goes over a section of the port and we got to see it raise. I’ve never seen one work before so that was cool.

It’s been a very busy weekend and it’s shaping up to be a busy week. I might have a bunch of short posts this week, but I will still post every day. Friday might be questionable since I’m traveling to NY to spend the weekend at my mom’s, but I should have an hour free in the evening to write before she gets home from work. We shall see. In any event, here are the next half dozen or so prompts to get you going! Come back every day to see my takes on each!

140. Complete this thought: “Today I hope…”
141. Describe your memories of a piece of furniture from your childhood home.
142. A new Broadway musical is about your life. Come up with a title for the big show, and write a mini-review of it.
143. Describe a “first day” in your life (first day of marriage, of school, etc).
144. What bad habit would you like to change?
145. What was the first thing you ever saved up your money to purchase?
146. What keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep?

I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a great night!

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