Prompt 144-Bad Habit

What bad habit would you like to change?

I am traveling and my laptop had a zillion updates so this post is gonna be a list post. This prompt is a great story starter and I have a lot of ideas for it so here are some of them in no particular order.

Nail biting
Inappropriately timed humor
Smoking/drinking/substance abuse
Putting up emotional walls
Talking to inanimate objects
Humming off key
Picking scabs/dead skin
Running away from problems/conflicts
Lavish spending (beyond means)
Excessive swearing/cursing
Responding to everything with “your mom” or “your face” or some variant
Licking unfamiliar objects to determine what they are
Speaking without thinking
Shooting first, asking questions after

Sorry for the short lame post. I’ll be back next week with more/better material! Have a great weekend!

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