Week 27

Oh look, it’s my favorite number! Twenty-seven weeks of writing prompts, wow! When I set out to do my daily writing in a new blog, I wasn’t certain I would stick with it. I’ve had many false starts over the years but I hoped the blog would give me a little accountability. Almost 100 of you follow me, so I must be doing something right!

Looking at these upcoming prompts, I have a good feeling I can crank out a few short story scenes rather than blather about personal things. We might actually hit the halfway point in the book this week. Another fifty prompts explored, words typed about them. I know I took a break at 50 and 100, cause it just worked out that way, but I have no plans to take a break this time.

This list is a bit ambitious I think, because there is a good chance I will not have a post Wednesday night. I mentioned towards the end of my about page that I commission a fantasy football league, and we are doing our draft that night. Depending on timing it might run late and I won’t want to write after, but we shall see. In any case, here are the remaining prompts to 150. Maybe we’ll get to them all this week, maybe we won’t.

*145. What was the first thing you ever saved up your money to purchase?
*146. What keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep?
147. If you could spend a day living the adventures of any cartoon character, which one would you choose?
148. Write about a piece of jewelry you own. Where did it come from? When do you wear it?
149. If you could win a lifetime supply of anything you choose, what would you choose?
150. Do you have an ex that you would ever consider dating again? (If not, how bad were they?)

Alright, I hope you had a great weekend, and I wish you the happiest of Mondays! See you tomorrow!

*Reminder that starred prompts are carried over from the previous week’s list.

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