Prompt 145-Savings

What was the first thing you ever saved up your money to purchase?

A bell tinkled as Elian pushed open the heavy wooden door. It’s cheerful chime sang with the lightness of his heart. Today was the day he would finally bring home his prize.

The shelves along the walls on either side were adorned with crystals and blades and trinkets, all glittering despite the dim lighting in the shop. Even the polished stone mortars and bowls on the central shelves shone with a welcoming light. Every piece emanated magic.

“That you, El?” Julian called from behind and below the counter. The dealer of magical artifacts and proprietor of the Julian’s Mystical Crystals and Oddities stood to greet his young customer.

“Hi Jules!” Elian bounced to the counter with a toothy grin. “Can I see it?”

The ginger man chuckled and reached behind the register. “You know, I ought to start charging you a viewing fee with as often as you’ve come to admire this little beauty.” He slid the long, slender box across the counter to just under the boy’s nose.

Elian popped open the container, his dark eyes sparkling in the magical light the pendant threw off. A long chain of silver threaded through a jade amulet, carved in the shape of a roaring beast’s head, a polished moonstone in its teeth. On the surface of the moonstone was etched the Sigil of the Conjurer. It was a beautiful talisman, one that would help him achieve his dreams.

“I won’t be coming by to look at it no more,” he said. He dug in his pants pockets and pulled out a heavy satchel, setting it on the counter. The bag of coin was everything he had scraped after close to a year of working long days and going hungry plenty. He probably could have paid for an actual room at a boarding house for what was in that satchel, but this was more important. “After today, it’s going home with me!”

Julian frowned as he untied the drawstrings. “El, this is a very powerful amulet. There’s a reason it’s priced so highly.” He raised a bushy eyebrow as he glanced into the satchel, taking a mental count of its worth and shaking his head. “You could even live comfortably on this money in the Lower Quarter. This is a waste of your money.”

Elian grinned. “This is an investment.”

The shopkeeper scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. “You won’t even be able to do anything with it. You’re too young to be dabbling in magic of this magnitude.” He eyed the bag of coin hungrily. There were no laws restricting the sale of magical artifacts based on the age of the buyer, but Julian was fond of Elian and his morals warred with his greed.

Elian knew this, of course. Surrounded by so much magical energy, he felt empowered. He was young, sure, but he also knew he could be a great mage. He had always had an instinctive feel for magic. With the Conjurer’s talisman, he could summon a familiar to teach him properly and help him get into the Academy Arcana. He could always earn more money once he was a trained mage. He nudged the bag closer to the dealer’s hand.

“I can and I will, “ he asserted. “Just you watch, Jules. In a few years, I’ll be Archmage of Rianelle!”

Julian relented with a chuckle. “Somehow I think you just might.” He fished out two silver krins from the satchel and handed them back to Elian with the amulet’s case. Elian gaped, trying to refuse. Those krins would be enough to feed him for two weeks. Julian waved him off. “Friends and family discount. Consider it a small investment of my own.”

Elian beamed. “Thanks Julian! I won’t let you down!”

He waved as he jogged to the door, clutching the amulet box to his chest. The magic from the talisman pounded against the case to be released. It filled him with purpose. He could see the path to his future as clear as crystal.

Notes: Ha, of course I went a magic route. Why would I ever do anything normal? This is another little tale with a lot of potential I think. I accidentally made their names rhyme, but I think that’s why they get along so well. I’m not sure quite how young Elian is, but I don’t think he’s quite a teenager yet. He is going to do great things though!

I don’t remember what the first big thing I saved up for was. Probably a computer or something techy. As for smaller things, CDs or movies probably. What about you? What did you save and save for when you were younger?

As always, I’ll return tomorrow with another prompt and another story! Have a great night!

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