Prompt 153-Mom

What is your mom like?

My mom is like fire.

She is warm and comforting like the hearth during the bitter, frozen winters. She is lively and dances under the summer and autumn stars while surrounded by those she holds dear. She is bright and wild and untamable. Her maternal fury will char you, burn you to the ground. Do not cross her. If you play with fire, you will get burned.

My mom is like water.

She is cool and refreshing like a lake on a hot summer afternoon. She is shimmering and clear, gentle and tranquil. As water takes the shape of the container it occupies, she shapes herself to fit any situation, but she cannot always be contained. When she is flowing, she is powerful.  Do not fight the current or you will drown.

My mom is like air.

She is ever present, even when I cannot see her. You can’t grasp air, but it is there, supporting you. She is there in the subtle things, a spoken word, a melody in my head. She gives life and stokes the fires of her children, lifting us up to be the best that we can be. She is unpredictable. She is a gentle breeze or a frightening zephyr. She can fill your sails or toss you about. Do not fight the wind, just go with it.

My mom is like earth.

She is strong and embracing. She is the ground our roots take hold in and she is the forest we grow into. She is generous like a bountiful harvest, always giving of herself and seeking nothing in return. She is home and she is safety. She is the beasts, loyal and fierce. Do not come between the mama bear and her cubs. She will destroy you.

My mom is a force of nature.

Notes: And she’s most certainly not going to cry when she reads this. Nope. No siree. Not at all. (LOL hi mom! *waves*)

In all seriousness, she has been my biggest supporter, since long before the blog but also specifically for the blog. She bought me the prompt book that started it all, after all. Putting aside for a second that I, personally, would not be here (on the internet, in existence, etc) without her, the blog would also not likely be here if not for her continued encouragement. I really am lucky to have such a cool mom. Even if she sometimes drives me bananas. 😉

As always, now it’s your turn. What kind of mom do you have? If you don’t have a mom, for whatever reason, what sort of mom do you wish you had? How does that translate to your characters relationships with their mothers? Get to writing!

My favorite part about a Monday holiday is that Wednesday comes and goes much faster. We’re already halfway to the weekend! And it’s going to be a perfect New England fall weekend. I can’t wait. Just a couple more days and a few more prompts to get us there! Have a great Thursday! I will see you in the evening!

6 thoughts on “Prompt 153-Mom

  1. Sara,

    Long lost colleague here, valiantly trying to connect with you!

    Brandon from WFC (not to be confused with KFC although we have our share of grease and saltiness).


      1. Sara,

        Have I somehow offended you? I’m getting a funky vibe and I’ll respect your space if you’d rather not connect.



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