Prompts 154-155

154. If you could go back in time exactly 10 years and give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself?

The best cure for a hangover is climbing a mountain. Especially when it’s with the friends you drank with the previous night.

Get involved with more clubs when you go to Clarkson. You will make lifelong friends and meet your future husband.

Keep reading and keep writing. Take a creative writing elective instead of American Literature if you can. Your future self will thank you.

A job is what you make of it. Sometimes you will have to work two, but if you go into them with a good attitude, you will make more lifelong friends and your day won’t seem quite so long.

Start saving money now. Whatever you can go without. Put it in a separate account and pretend like it’s money you already spent. Save it for a special day.

Don’t hesitate to share an apartment with friends. The shared costs save you so much.

Stop eating bread and wheat pastas. You will feel much better. I promise. You might not even realize you don’t feel 100% now but you will.

Don’t quit skiing. Whatever you have to do to afford it, keep skiing. It will make the winters that much nicer and will keep you in much better shape.

Tennis is great. Start watching it now. Your future husband will have one more reason to fall in love with you.

Yes, you will find a man who loves you for you. You are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. He will support you in everything you do and show you a whole new understanding of love. One day you will come to wonder what life even was before you met him.

Be gentle with him though, he’s a little fragile. ;P

Oh, and the winning Powerball numbers for 9/5/18 are 06 15 50 59 60 13*.


155. Make up a new ending for this saying: “People in glass houses should not…”

People in glass houses should not sing soprano arias at their loudest possible volume.

People in glass houses should not practice their ninja throwing star skills.

People in glass houses should not walk around in the nude.

People in glass houses should not paint their glass walls.

People in glass houses should not burn the candle at both ends.

(To be fair, glass houses have nothing to do with that last one. No one should be burning the candle at both ends. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest. I love you bb.)

Notes: Well those were some fun prompts. Now it’s your turn! (But please tell yourself a different Powerball date so that I can have this one.) Tomorrow is FRIDAY. And I am so excited. There are gonna be a lot of drinks after work though. I hope I make it home in time to write my prompt. I have ambitions to write a short story for it but we’ll see how the inspiration strikes. Have a great night! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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