Prompt 157-New Skill

Write about the most recent skill you have acquired.

Like everyone else in his clan, Remi’s first Changing came suddenly and startlingly. At six years old, he was the youngest whelp since the Prime Elder, who discovered his own beast’s soul at roughly the same age.

Remi Changed into a bird, similar to his mother’s beast soul. He had been climbing the tree behind their home when the branch beneath him gave out and he fell. Instead of falling to his death, his body folded and he became a small hawk. Flying came easier to him than running. Pris had been overjoyed when he came soaring home.

The First Changing is exhilarating, but it does not last very long. He turned back into a little human boy after ten minutes. His mother chuckled at his complaint. “You will learn to fly at will soon enough. For now, you can help me bring in the laundry.”

Over the next few years, he would sporadically change into a hawk, usually when he least wanted or expected to. And never of his own will. His classmates finally had their First Changings and they would often spend their afternoons trying to Change at will.

Remi just wanted to fly. He didn’t enjoy the clan’s self-imposed isolation, and he wanted to see the world. Pris insisted that he could not leave until he had completed the Ceremony and exercised mastery over his beast’s soul.

He took that as a challenge. The Prime Elder had completed the Ceremony at 16. Remi decided he would do it before that. He would become the youngest Changer in his clan’s history. He would fly free of them.

Notes: Ugh, I’m sorry. This is just brain vomit. I wanted to explore this world a bit more, write some cute romance between Zinnia and Remi, but my brain just does not want to word tonight. I learned a little bit about Remi’s family at least. I’m still sorting out the lore of the Changers and how they fit into this world though.

Writing is a skill I am constantly developing, a continuous improvement project, if you will. I don’t really have any other “new” skills. How about you?

I can’t think anymore. Brain wants sleeps. Have a great night! I’ll see you back here on Friday!

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