Prompts 165-166

165. Were you ever involved in a school play as a student? Did you act, sing, design props, play an instrument, or hold prompt cards?

My high school had an annual musical. We put on quite the production year after year. Full disclosure, I have never seen High School Musical or any of its sequels, but I am sure it was about my school. Sports and arts were equally important to an overwhelming majority of my classmates. You had the jocks, the artists/musicians, and then everyone else. Sometimes there was overlap. One of our best cross country skiers was also one of our best artists. I sang in our choral ensembles all 4 years.

Then in the winter, flyers would go up for the musical auditions. I had never been in a musical before, but I had the voice for it so I auditioned my freshman year. Unfortunately, I did not have the nerves for it and I froze on stage at my audition. They didn’t really turn anyone away if you could be used elsewhere, and as I said, I did have the voice for it, so I was relegated to the backup ensemble.

The next couple months were grueling as rehearsals went for several hours every night. I had a handful of friends in it with me, and I made some new friends as well. The energy was really great. We loved the costume director. He had this one pair of pants that were really vibrant, they stood out anyway, I don’t actually remember what about them was so wild, but they really solidified his eccentric personality to us. That was back in the day before memes were internet currency, but I wholeheartedly believe that Pat’s Pants would have been a meme if we had been transplanted to this year for our show.

We did Titanic: The Musical in my freshman year. In the opening number I was a background character in the 3rd class. I was paired with a young boy and we were a “couple” heading to America. I developed a tiny crush on him of course. As the kids do. In a later scene, after the ship hits the iceberg, I’m part of the 2nd class passengers, waiting behind a door as someone comes along to wake us up and tell us to get to the lifeboats. I was with another boy at that part, and we joked that I was moving up in the world. (He ended up with a crush on me, asked me out anyway; I think he was a junior?)

In my sophomore year we did Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. That is one wild show, let me tall ya. Again I was just part of the ensemble, though this time that was what I auditioned for, knowing full well that I was too shy to perform any major role. I had several costume changes in that one and was on stage in some variation or another for probably 80% of the show. It was a true ensemble performance, though our Joseph totally stole the show and killed it every night. He was so good.

By junior year I had joined the ski team, and I didn’t have enough time for the musical, though I had wanted to try to do both. I want to say that year was Once On This Island, but I’m not 100% sure. I honestly do not remember what show they performed my senior year. 3 AP courses, cross country skiing, and college applications did not leave me much energy for another musical.

166. What is your favorite breakfast to get you up and out the door?

I don’t really eat breakfast before I leave for work. I don’t like to eat as soon as I wake up. I pack a yogurt and some fruit along with my lunch to eat once I’m at the office. I make my coffee before I leave, but I don’t usually drink it until I get there either. For one thing it’s too hot to drink right away, and for another, my thermos keeps it warm enough that it’s drinkable when I get to my desk even though I brewed it about 45-55 minutes prior.

That’s just my everyday routine though. My favorite breakfast is a smorgasbord of eggs, bacon, waffles (gluten free because my body hates me and I prefer to avoid migraines), and fruit. There isn’t enough time in the morning to eat all of that before I go to work, but on a weekend, once I’ve had my coffee, I love a nice big breakfast.

Notes: Alrighty, that does it for this week. I rambled on a bit more about the musicals than I thought I would, but that’s ok. I’ve spent my evening writing and that’s what matters. I’ll probably do more writing after this, since I still have writing assignments due.

I’m looking ahead to my schedule next week and it’s a little overwhelming. We close on our house on Friday so I’m going to be working extra hours early in the week to save a vacation day for that. I don’t want to leave you with nothing though, so I’m brainstorming some ideas for what I can do in the interim. I’ll have more info on Sunday!

Have a great weekend! See you Sunday!

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