Prompts 171-172

171. If you could pack up and leave on vacation today, where would you be off to?

I would be loading up my suitcase with books and swimsuits and beach towels and I would be flying out to a tropical island. If I hit that Mega Millions tonight that may very well happen, hahaha.

We are supposed to be going to the DR with a bunch of college friends in February, but after buying the house I’m not really sure it’s still in our budget. Our boiler is ancient and those ain’t cheap to replace. It will probably be ok for another year, but with my luck it will die on us with the first major snowstorm.

I have been dreaming of going back to the Caribbean ever since our honeymoon to Jamaica. That trip was not nearly long enough, and I spent a solid day (my husband’s birthday, of course) sick in bed. I would also love to go back to Disney World for the wine and food festival. It was three years ago there where my husband proposed to me and I think it would be fun to go back and explore even more.

172. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

I’m not exactly picky about food, I’ll try almost anything at least once, but I also never really find myself in a situation where I would even be exposed to something that might be considered bizarre. The strangest thing I can think of is the deviled eggs my mom’s friend made for a party some years ago. There was caviar in them. I’d never had caviar before, and I don’t honestly remember how I felt about them in my deviled eggs. I think they were good?

That particular friend of the family loves to cook and bake and he gets absolutely wild in the kitchen with the ingredients. That same party he made a watermelon basil (?) salad that was suuuper good. It was no combination of ingredients I ever would have thought go together, but watermelon cubes were the base and I remember having several helpings of it.

Not exactly a weird food, but feta cheese. I am not really a fan of feta. It’s an extremely weird tasting cheese, to me. I know some people love it, and I have a couple frequently-used recipes that call for it, but I do not care for it at all.

Notes: This post almost did not make it up tonight. We were working at the house late-ish and then still had to make dinner once we got home. When we got back to the apartment we noticed our phones weren’t connecting to the WiFi. It kept prompting us to sign in and activate our service.

Turns out, when the Comcast sales rep stopped by the house yesterday and “helped” me to schedule the transfer of our internet service from the apartment to the house for late next week, it went through right away instead. When we logged into our account, it showed the new address listed for our services. Took about an hour and a half of wrangling with tech support over the phone, but we got it back at the apartment now. Alas, no excuse for me to not write up my post for tonight.

Tomorrow will be another twofer. Have a great night, I’ll see you then!

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