A Wild Update Appears!

Oh, hello there. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you might be wondering what happened to Friday’s post. And Sunday’s post. If you’re new here, well this isn’t all that new of late. Life has gotten a bit hectic in the last couple months and I’ve been posting more sporadically, despite trying to keep to a schedule.

But now October is coming to a close, which means November is upon us. If you follow this blog, chances are pretty high that you know what NaNoWriMo is. For those of you who don’t (follow and/or know), allow me to elaborate. National Novel Writing Month is a 30-day writing event undertaken by writers all over the world in a brazen attempt to complete an entire novel in a month’s time. 50,000 words in 30 days, or roughly 1667 words per day.

If that sounds like a lot, well that’s because it is. It takes discipline and dedication and willpower and loads of support from friends and family who don’t quite understand why you are crying into your laptop at 3 in the morning. Many writers throw in the towel after a week. Some make it through two. A small few will actually succeed and reach that 50k milestone within 30 days. They will “win” NaNoWriMo. They may go on to publish their NaNo novels in the future.

For me, getting into the habit of writing every day was always a challenge. It’s far easier now that I have the blog to keep me writing most days, but that only helps when I actually sit down and spend the time writing. I can whine about spending all my spare time at the new house cleaning and painting and prepping so we can move in soon, but I usually still end up with an hour or two to myself before bed. Time that I could/should be spending writing but I make excuses for not doing it.

Like Friday. My husband had planned on leaving town to visit family, maybe go hunting, see a football game. He was two days into his vacation from work and he had spent them at the house sanding and staining the living room floor. Friday morning when he went to check on his work, he was not happy with it. He was very frustrated and could not leave for 4 days knowing it looked like that. So he stayed and fixed it. (It looks phenomenal now, by the way. He’s a handy guy.)

I decided to cheer him up with a date night. We hadn’t had one of those in a while. I was gonna just treat him to dinner, but then I checked the local theater for movies and showtimes and floated the idea of seeing Venom instead. We could grab dinner at the bar at the theater. And we did. And it was great. And super relaxing. And we got to spend time together not working. He still was able to go home for a long weekend.

As for Sunday’s absence of an update post, I was working at the house. And I realized I probably wouldn’t get to very many prompts with the days I had left in October. I was insane enough to keep to my daily prompts while working full time and working on a house. I’m not insane enough to do all of that AND NaNo too.

So, what does that mean for the blog? Well, it means I will post that last prompt that I failed to write for Friday, but then it’s back to hiatus. A NaNo hiatus. I will probably post snippets here and there. I’m gonna flesh out that Galactic Empire story. And I am gonna win this year or bust! *determination*

Thanks for stickin with me through my sporadic writing! And if you’re attempting NaNo in a couple days, good luck! Have a great night!

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