Prompt 175-Favorite Room

What is your favorite room in your home or apartment?

I wanted to get creative with this but my brain is working overtime grasping at threads to weave the tapestry of my NaNo project and it doesn’t want to work on anything else right now. I tried to imagine my characters’ homes and what rooms they might enjoy but it occurred to me I’ve never really given much thought to that sort of setting. A lot of my characters tend to be fairly nomadic. Always chasing the next big thing, never really calling any place “home” long enough to establish a favorite room.

Part of my problem is I don’t feel any explicit attachment to any one room over another in my apartment so it’s hard for me to picture my characters having opinions on those things. I spend most of my time split between the living room (TV/video games) and the spare bedroom (desktop computer/office). We haven’t moved into the new house yet so I don’t quite have a favorite yet, though I suspect it’ll be a toss-up between the basement and my office.

The front bedroom is rather small, not really big enough for more than a twin bed and maybe a nightstand. I claimed it for my office and painted it from a dull neutral beige to a vibrant aqua, some blend of blue and green that soothes and inspires. I’ve mentioned before that I want to get a new desk, but I might have to hold off on that until after Christmas. I also want to put a bucket chair or chaise lounger in there, a different place to sit and brainstorm that’s not in my computer chair.

The basement is going to be fun. It’s a decent space, and it was finished before we bought it. There is a full bathroom down there, and the bulk of the area is neatly split by a half wall that is the perfect height for a bar. Andrew wants to set up a brewing station down there, but I want some of the space to be available for guests and/or general merriment. There’s also talk of a “man cave” sports area, but he is not allowed to co-opt the entire lower half of the house. Marriage is about compromise and as long as I get exactly what I want, everything will be great.

I kid, of course. We’ve tossed ideas back and forth, but we haven’t settled on anything yet. Mainly because our focus has been on finishing the living room so we can move everything from the apartment to the house in the next week, week and a half. We’ll have time to deal with the basement after we move in.

That’s about all I have to say on this prompt. Happy NaNoWriMo Eve! Truly the scariest night of the year! And happy Halloween! I hope you were able to get rid of more candy than I did, but at least I’ll have some fuel for November! Have a great night!

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