The Prompts are Back in Town…Sorta

So I haven’t been able to find my prompt book yet. I have so many boxes. I thought I knew which box it was in, or at least I thought it was near the top of one of those boxes, but that was a lie.

“But Sara, why haven’t you unpacked all your books?”

I am loath to throw my books willy nilly about my office before I have my furniture set where I want it. It’s far easier to move an empty bookcase than an overstuffed one and I have Plans™ for my office space that are dependent on some other Plans™ for my bedroom. I’m currently storing my clothes in my office closet while I figure out how to maximize the space in my weird master closet. There are other miscellaneous boxes in there, too.

I still want to do some prompts this week though, get back in the groove before the inevitable holiday break. Luckily, I have a writing-related Pinterest board with a handful of prompts on there.

P1. Twenty-seven roses for each day I missed.
P2. She was called the “Raven Lady” and she could see the future.
P3. His mind was filled with thoughts of french fries and revenge.

I’ll stick with the 3 day schedule I had in October and start with these prompts. Have a great Monday! I’ll see you Tuesday with one of these new prompts!

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