Week 34 – This time for real

I found it! My prompt book was, in fact, at the top of the box I had packed it in, just not the box I thought I had packed it in. Did a little bit more unpacking and arranging this weekend. I probably won’t be finished until like February at this rate, but I HAVE A HOME and all the time in the world to get it squared away just the way I want it.

I have so many plans for my spaces and I just want to do them now but it’s gonna get expensive real fast so best to space it out. Hnnnggghhh I just want to snap my fingers and have everything be where I want it though.

And Christmas is almost here! I still have to finish my Christmas shopping. This has been a bad year for me shopping-wise. I’m usually done with shopping by the first week of December but this year looks like I might be cutting it close to the wire. (How long can I keep blaming the new house for all my procrastination?) Plus I’m part of a bunch of (like 3-4) group gifts (big ticket items) this year, but I also want to get something little and personal for those people too, you know? I’ll probably be doing some shopping next weekend.

With the house chaos, we haven’t gotten a tree yet, and it’s getting to the point where it seems silly to me to put up decorations when they’ll only be up for a week and a half before we have to take them back down. (And also, omg WHERE to put them, there are still BOXES EVERYWHERE!) But no decorations also makes me feel like it’s not Christmas so we’ll have to see.

In the meantime, I’m still gonna be writing a few nights a week! Especially since I’ve uncovered my prompt book again! So here’s a few prompts for this week.

176. Complete this thought: “I would never…”
177. Write about something nice a stranger did for you.
178. If you could be the best in the world at something, what would it be?
179. Is our world today a better or worse place than it was when you were a kid?

I’ll return tomorrow with the first of these prompts! Gonna go strong with the TWF schedule once again. And if these prompts don’t tickle your fancy, check out the rest of the blog for some other ideas! You can search for the “weekly update” tag and it’ll give you all the weekly posts I’ve done! Or poke around the calendar for Sunday posts! Have a great night, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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