Prompt 189-What’s In A Name 2

Do you like your name? Do you feel like it suits you? If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to?

I was named after a great aunt and a grandmother. I have never felt like my name didn’t suit me, though there was a period of time when I was in elementary school and I started spelling my name with an “h” at the end because there was another Sarah at my school and she had it. I think I felt like I was shafted on number of letters or something silly. That didn’t last very long though and I came to appreciate the beauty of the h-less Sara.

I was almost a Shannon. I don’t know if that would have suited me any better. I certainly couldn’t imagine going around calling myself Shannon, but then again, if my mother had stuck to her original naming plans and I was named Shannon, I’d probably feel the same way about whether or not Sara suited me any better.

I’ve never really felt like I needed to change my name. Online I used to use my OCs name because, you know, privacy (LOL). But that got a bit confusing at times when people would be like “so wait, your character has the same name as you? That’s a bit bold, isn’t it?” But really, it was the other way around! I suppose if I had to change my name for whatever reason, I would probably pick Ali, because she’s been a part of me for so long it wouldn’t really feel like I was changing that much. I do kind of pride myself on being able to name characters so well that I should be able to come up with a new name for myself, but I just don’t know what suits me better than Sara.

Notes: So yeah, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. Not a very lengthy post, but it’s words written regardless. I wrote about names once before, if you’re aching for a little bit more on the subject. And also, now it’s your turn. How do you feel about your name?

That wraps up this week. This weekend looks like it might be a doozy. I’m in the path of that winter storm and in the path where significant ice accumulation is probable. Here’s hoping the temperature shifts and we see more snow/sleet and less ice. I’ll return with new prompts on Sunday, provided we still have power and haven’t frozen to death! Stay safe out there everyone!

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