Snow and Sleet and Ice, Oh My!

Hello friends! I hope you are all safe and warm on this cold, wet Sunday. We didn’t see as much snow as some, and the ice hasn’t been too threatening, though it’s still raining ice right now so it’s not over yet. Hopefully it ends soon. I do not look forward to being cold tomorrow, less so if I lose power.

I spent much of yesterday prepping for this monster. Got some groceries, made sure both cars were full of gas, got plastic insulating kits for the windows, filled empty bottles with water. Sorry Marie Kondo, but Present Sara is grateful for Past Sara’s hoarding/laziness in not taking empty recyclables back to the return center if it means she won’t run out of water should the worst happen. (But really, I need to do that and get all those bags out of my basement for Future Sara’s sanity…)

Honestly, I love winter storms. There’s something so surreal about the way we all prepare as best as we can and hurry home to settle in before the snow starts to fall. And then there’s that period of tranquility, where everything is still and silent. The calm. And for a storm like this one, the calm extends through the duration. The storm is calm. The snow falls, and piles up, silencing everything as it blankets the streets, the cars, the homes. Not all winter storms are as peaceful of course, but for this one the wind won’t come until after.

That’s the part I am least looking forward to. I hate the wind in winter. The air is already cold enough without you whipping it around me! So rude. Getting to work in the morning is going to be fun. Mmm, Mondays. A new week. Which means a new set of writing prompts! Here are the prompts I’ll be working this week!

190. In what one way should airlines improve airplane travel?
191.Write about the most important quality any mother should have.
192. What do you know is true?
193. It has been said that it is the little things that make life worth living. Describe one (or several) of those little things.
194. Break up your life (up to this point) into three chapters, and give each chapter a title.

These are going to be fun, I can tell. Now it’s time for me to go make something hot for lunch and start prepping my football snacks for the championship games this afternoon! Have a lovely rest of your Sunday, my dears! I’ll return tomorrow!

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