Prompt 193-Little Things

It has been said that it is the little things that make life worth living. Describe one (or several) of those little things.

Tonight’s post is going to be a list because this prompt makes me want to make a list a la Julie Andrews’ Favorite Things in the Sound of Music. In no particular order, some “little things” that bring me joy.

  • The way my little Iron Kitty, Tony, sits primly with his paws together like a dancer in first position
  • The way his toes curl when he sleeps, making him look more like a bunny rabbit than a cat
  • His squeaky little meow when he wants to be fed or go to bed
  • The way my ginger baby, Chloe, nuzzles my husband’s beard when he holds her on his chest
  • Her enthusiasm for catching the ever-elusive Red Dot
  • Her perfection of the “I totally meant to do that” cattitude whenever she does something incredibly clumsy
  • The sound/sight of them playing together, especially when they go sliding across the wood floors

(These won’t all be about my cats, I swear.)

  • Surprise discounts at the grocery store
  • Surprise discounts at the book store
  • Seeing a stranger in line/at the store check their phone and smile
  • Seeing couples who are plainly madly in love out on a date with their beloved
  • Catching out of context snippets of conversations as strangers pass you by
  • Witnessing a random act of kindness
  • Receiving a random act of kindness
  • Performing a random act of kindness
  • The first storm of the season (be it snow or rain)
  • The scent of the air at the changing of the seasons
  • Watching a favorite film after a long time without
  • Hearing a favorite song after a long time without
  • A new episode of your favorite show
  • A new album from your favorite band/artist
  • A new book from your favorite author
  • A new chapter in your favorite manga/fanfiction/serial
  • Having every light be green on your commute
  • An unexpected day off
  • The first moments after an illness when you realize you are on the mend/no longer ill
  • Not being in pain
  • The smell of your favorite meal cooking
  • Old friends coming to visit
  • Laughter of a loved one
  • A day full of plans
  • A day with no plans
  • Learning something new
  • Seeing your own growth with hindsight
  • Sitting in your favorite chair after a long day
  • Curling up with your significant other/someone dear to you and just being near them
  • A full night of restful sleep

I really could go on, but I suppose it’s your turn now! What little things make your day? What keeps you smiling when things are tough?

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