Prompt 194-Chapters Of Life

Break up your life (up to this point) into three chapters, and give each chapter a title.

In an effort to bolster the word count of this post, I’m going to use this as an exercise to chapter some of my character’s lives in addition to my own.

I turn 30 this year, so breaking up my own life into three chapters works neatly at the decade level.

Chapter 1: The Farmer’s Daughter Ante Mortem

This would chronicle my childhood from my birth to my father’s funeral.

Chapter 2: Fatherless in the Land of Ice and Snow

The teen years, starting with our move to the Adirondacks and ending when I go away to college.

Chapter 3: The One Whom My Soul Loves

In college I meet the man who would become my husband and live happily ever after? (So far, survey says yes!)

Ali is my oldest character in every meaning of the word. She was the very first character I ever fully fleshed out, and as a powerful demon from a parallel world, she has lived a very long time in her universe. Her story can also be told more or less in three parts. Considering the trilogy I’ve been working on since high school was about her, you could say I have already named those parts (Awakening, Betrayal, and Legacy), but I’m still going to give it a shot and make three chapter titles about her whole life, not just the bits I wrote for her so far.

I. My Life as a Child of Prophecy (aka Ali in Demon World)
II. My Life as a Teenage Super Hero (aka Ali in Human World)
III. My Life as a Prescient Otherworld Goddess (aka Ali in Spirit World)

Kita has had several forms over the years before settling in as my fun-loving Ninja Spaz. I’m still coming to know and understand her the more I write of her adventures with Captain Leo, but I think I have enough of a grasp on the big picture of her life to accomplish this prompt with her. It was actually easy to break her life until now into three parts. Now for some titling.

1. The Elders Say Pirates are Bad but I Just Don’t Believe It
2. Apparently ~Not~ Hating Pirates Just On Principle Is Heresy And Now I Need a New Home
3. I Found A Ninja Who Thinks He’s a Pirate So We’re Teaming Up Now

Lara is much more recent, created within the last five years or so. Her story is still very much being fleshed out, but I have a basic understanding of her life up until the point of her story I am in. At the very least, I have three distinct chapters in her life: the time before she manifested, her time spent at the college, and her quest in the Wastes. I’m going to try to encapsulate those periods as chapter titles.

Ch 1. Before The Chaos

Ch 2. Lost And Found

Ch 3. The Changed World

Notes: I’m not going to explain the titles I chose for my characters as I did for mine (not any more than I did in the preambles anyway). I wanted their chapter titles to reflect a bit of their personalities and be distinct from one another. Personally, I’m fond of single word/short titles, but in my opinion those didn’t fit for this prompt. This was a lot of fun though.

That wraps up this week. I’ll return on Sunday as always with a new list of prompts for next week. Enjoy your weekend! Keep up the good writing habits!

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