Prompt 197-A Beautiful Sound

Describe the most beautiful sound you have ever heard.

I have so many ideas for this prompt and they’ve all been warring in my head all night to the point that I can’t focus enough on any one to write a short scene. I became fixated on the idea of a character hearing the voice of a loved one they thought was lost or dead, but then I couldn’t decide on a character to tell the story.

Todd hearing Jack’s voice for the first time in 4 years was one of the first ideas that popped into my head, but I couldn’t decide on how that meeting would happen. In one of the scenes I had started during NaNo, he had been captured by the Empress in space and had been brought aboard her ship to face her. He had learned about Jack’s relationship with Veralis by listening to the soldiers who were taking him to her and experienced the full gamut of human emotion in the long walk (float?) to her chambers. I didn’t want to rewrite/finish that scene because I wasn’t really happy with the setup, and less so as an answer to this prompt.

Another option was Lara. I went back and reread one of my earliest posts on here because I remembered she made a comment about how quiet the Wastes were. For a telepath who struggles with control, the quiet would be the most beautiful sound, if for no reason other than she could finally enjoy other sounds. That piece was in Midge’s POV and I had thought about rewriting it from Lara’s, just to get the full impact of the silence as a beautiful sound, but again I couldn’t get anything going.

I almost went with another edit/rewrite of a scene in Leo and Kita’s tale. I thought about how a loud noise or alarm might seem beautiful to someone, and the rallied pirates battle cry as they came to rescue their crew mates when the Captain and his ground crew were captured by the bandits seemed like it might be music to Leo’s ears. However, I’ve already written two Ninja Spaz tales this week, going 3 for 3 felt like I had the obligation to go 5 for 5 and just write all my prompts in that universe this week and that seemed too onerous a task to follow through on.

As for myself, I’m fond of the rain on the lake. I love the plik plik plik and a soft rumble of thunder in the mountains. I also love the sound of my husband’s laughter from the other room when he’s watching a video he really loves, even when it startles me. His joy is my joy, after all. Although, if I’m being honest, there’s probably no more beautiful sound than someone canceling plans you didn’t really want to attend in the first place. #MillenialProblems

So yeah, my apologies, nothing very interesting or poetic tonight, but a rambling mess of thoughts is still writing. And I did do some plotting, even if it was mostly in my head. Some days you have to accept that the words just aren’t there. I hope to come back to this prompt someday. It’s really a great prompt. It just didn’t fit with my level of creativity tonight.

Aaaas always, it’s your turn now! Perhaps your muse will be far more cooperative with this prompt than mine was. And even if she’s not, getting the words out of your head and visible in front of you will still help you later if you come back to it. Stay with the habit of writing every day! You’ll grow even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Have a great rest of your night! It’s a cold one out there so stay warm and safe! See you tomorrow!

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