Backstreet’s…Back? What?

Good morning fellow bloggers, writers, friends, and randos! How are you on this fine Sunday? Hopefully it’s warmer than earlier this week. I know the temperature is trending upward here. We’re going to be in the mid-40’s today and then, allegedly, 51 tomorrow and 58 on Tuesday. That’s the kind of weather I would crack the windows to let in some fresh air but there’s still at least a month of winter yet and I am not going to remove the plastic insulation off the windows before we get another inevitable cold spell. Still, not gonna hear any complaining from me (she said, knowing she would absolutely find something to complain about).

So last week, I mentioned there was a bit of a shake up at work that left me feeling like a pawn in office politics. A big reason for my perception was a gap in communication leaving me with only half the story. My previous manager had been unable to attend the meeting where I was given the news and introduced to my new manager. Then on Monday he was only in the office for an hour before he had to leave for a family emergency. (I didn’t know that was why he had left, I thought he was off for more training for his new position as he had been on Friday. Again with the breakdown in communication.) Finally, on Tuesday morning, we were able to have a chat about what had happened.

It turns out, one of the customers I was working with was kind of undermining me and working to change the role. He wanted someone else for it. Now, technically, the way outsourcing works is that my company provides the work and the customer is not supposed to dictate who actually does the work, as long as it gets done to the specifications laid out in our “contract.” The problem with this particular project is that it’s written more like a contracting position so the expectations are skewed.

Basically, my manager pulled me before the proverbial rug could be pulled out from under me. He preemptively had my back. I was relieved to hear that, even as I was disappointed that the customer, who I had thought of as an amiable acquaintance if not quite a friend, had gone behind my back instead of working with me to provide the services he was looking for. I did not like thinking that my manager, who I definitely consider a friend, had been using me as a pawn in office politics. I did not want his departure from our office to be soured by this.

I’m still upset about how it all went down but there’s no more anger at anyone in the office. My new team seems nice and the work certainly seems busier. It’s also much higher impact than what I was doing before, so I have a chance to really make a difference. Plus I get to sit next to my friend now. And see her. Every. Day. *dark chuckle*

Also, to tie in the post title, apparently there is a new Backstreet Boys album out this week and I am falling down a rabbit hole of nostalgia. It’s safe to say my mind is in a much better place than it was a week ago. Hopefully that translates into some good stories! From these prompts!

200. Who was your favorite band or singer when you were young? (Ok that’s some weird cosmic timing…)
201. Are you more like your mother or your father? Or are you more like someone else?
202. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
203. Describe your favorite comic strip or cartoon.
204. Would you rather spend the day at an art museum, science museum, or history museum?

Whew, finally into the two-hundreds! We’re in the final stretch! Have a great Sunday! I think there’s some sports thing today? Something about a really awesome dish? Oh well. Be safe out there! Don’t drink and drive! See you tomorrow!

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