Prompt 204-Museum

Would you rather spend the day at an art museum, science museum, or history museum?

I love museums, especially when it means learning new things. Art is cool, and there is much to be learned from history, but science museums have always been my favorites. Interactive exhibits where you get to perform experiments or build things are great. Mini movies breaking down complex scientific theories into bite-sized understandable pieces are my jam.

The fun thing about science museums is how diverse they can be. The local science center has over 100 exhibits with rotating traveling exhibits so there’s always something new to discover. I remember my first summer here, I took my younger sister when she came to visit. There are a lot of exhibits geared toward younger kids, but even as a teenager she found things that stimulated and engaged her. She’s in a technical program in high school now. Unrelated, but relevant.

Aquariums are also a kind of science museum, biology is science after all! Nature exhibits, state and national parks, those count too! Aircraft museums are part science, part history, but working in aerospace it’s so cool to get to see how the industry has evolved from the early days. (See also: submarine museums.) Of course, planetariums are my favorites. Space!

It’s so much easier to lose a day in a science museum, in my opinion anyway, due to the sheer volume of stuff to see and do. Then again, maybe I just don’t have the right appreciation for art. I do like the historical museums that are preserved old houses. We have a lot of them up here in NE. My husband and I have taken day trips to Newport, RI to explore the old mansions, but individually those tours aren’t more than an hour or two. We spend more of the day travelling than actually visiting the mansions.

So what about you? What tickles your fancy? Are you an art aficionado? A science savant? A history hoarder? Where would you spend a day if you could?

That will do it for this week. Sorry about the short post but I didn’t really have much to say on the subject. I’ll have a new set of prompts for you on Sunday! Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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