What Would Felicity Phillips Do?

Hello friends! Sunday is here once again. Didn’t we just do this last week? Ah, but I suppose that’s how “time” works after all. I’m getting around to writing this a bit later than I normally do but that’s because I was a busy beaver this afternoon and had shopping things to do.

Next weekend has a full slate. Hubby and I are going skiing with people from his office (provided the weather cooperates) on Friday night. I haven’t been yet this year, and I can’t remember if we went last year at all. Regardless, I needed new ski pants. The ones I’d bought a few years ago had never fit quite right and since I hadn’t used them much I donated them when I purged my closet before our move.

This time of year is a gamble for ski gear. You would think, being in the great northeast with blizzards until April, that it shouldn’t be difficult to find winter weather outerwear in February. The reason the pair I bought a few years ago didn’t quite fit me were because they were literally the only pair I could find anywhere close to home. This was also in February. Apparently now is the time to start preparing for spring sports and clothing. Go figure. Still, I was able to try on a few pairs today and find one that fits so I’ll be comfy and cozy hitting the slopes on Friday night.

The other thing we have going on next weekend is a murder mystery party. Neither of us have ever been to such a thing and we’re both fairly introverted so this should be an interesting night of role playing. I also know no one other than my husband attending, and he only knows one other person. This makes things even more interesting for me because my character is “dating” another who is not being played by my husband. Can’t wait to meet that guy. “Hello random stranger, I am your crazy girlfriend for the evening!”

The setting is a casino in Paris where a charity auction is being held for a local orphanage. But of course, there is intrigue involved. A famous jewel thief is allegedly in the area and might be at the casino. I will be playing Felicity Phillips, a talented dancer and highly alluring woman. She is a cabaret dancer at the casino but because of the auction she will just be mingling with the guests, not performing. (However, one of the auction lots is a dance with me and lord help me if someone actually bids on that.)

I also went shopping today for a dress to wear to the party, though I might return it and just go in a dress I wore at Christmas. I’m not sure either are really Felicity Phillips dresses. I might try shopping once more this week if I return the other one, but more likely than not I’ll just get some costume accessories to try to spruce up the dress I already have.

I’m already trying to channel Felicity as much as I can. I’m going to need her confidence to get through talking to everyone at the party. I ask myself the title of this post at least once a day to try to get in her head. I’m not sure I’m ready to be a diva, but I’ve had years of training under my mother, who we’ve long affectionately called The Diva. I’m excited! Nervous, but incredibly excited!

In any event, the writing train goes on. Here are the prompts I will be writing from!

205. What is a personality trait you admire in other people?
206. Write about the weirdest job you ever had.
207. Do you prefer to dance with no one watching, with a group of friends, or with one special partner?
208. Write about a moment when you felt proud of yourself.
209. What date do you have circled on your calendar? That is, what upcoming date or event are you looking forward to?

Due to my jam packed weekend schedule, there’s a strong chance that Friday’s post will not go up until Saturday (or the following Monday). Although, next weekend’s shenanigans certainly answer that prompt. I’ll come up with something for it, don’t worry!

Have a great rest of your weekend! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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