Prompt 210-Ultimate Sandwich

Describe your ultimate sandwich.


Professor Fromage licked his lips as the knife-shaped key locked into the slot and turned a perfect 45°. The dusty rock wall trembled as it split along its diagonal and granted him entry to the inner sanctum.

At long last, after years of searching, hours spent bent poring over ancient texts and translating the old runes, he had found the grail. The traps and puzzles along the temple’s corridors could not dissuade him, not from such a treasure. Not from his destiny. He had studied, he knew how to best the temple’s terrors. Poor Casey had not heeded his warnings. The professor’s graduate assistant would be forever a part of the Temple of Edam.

The passageway past the final door opened up into a circular room with a high wall. The image of a skillet came unbidden to the professor’s mind. He was walking along its handle. At the center, a table awaited him. Atop it, his prize.

There, on a red and white checkered plate, the golden crust of bread perfectly toasted flanked the liquid gold of cheese melted to perfect softness. A thin cut spread from one corner to the opposite. He picked up the sandwich, careful to hold the two halves together until they were level with his eyes. Slowly, he separated them.

The yellow-orange dairy delicacy stretched between the slices, clinging for as long as it could, unyielding to the tension until finally it snaps. The creamy filling fell limp along the cut of each half.

Also on the table, just beside the plate, sat a pure white bowl filled with the red nectar of the gods of Brie. Green flecks of basil and white granules of parmesan floated on its surface. Professor Fromage had read the rituals, knew what had to be done here.

He dipped one half of the toasted cheese sandwich into the broth and swirled. He chanted the sacred prayer. “Kaas. Sýr. Ost. Formaggio. Juusto.” Thrice he repeated this as he swirled. When it was done, he lifted the soaked sandwich from the soup. Eyes wide, he brought it to his mouth. One hesitant bite and it was all over.

Euphoria took hold of the professor as he chewed and dipped and chewed again. In moments the sacred sandwich was gone, the bowl drained of its tomato contents. As he lay on the hard ground savoring the heat in his belly, his only wish was that he’d had someone to share it with.

Notes: Please forgive all the cheese puns. A stupid prompt deserved a stupid story and all I could think of was some Indiana Jones-type character making his way through a trap infested dungeon for a sandwich that was just, like, a really good grilled cheese. If it wasn’t obvious, Casey = queso, I just couldn’t bring myself to literally name them “Queso” so I went with the next best thing.

I don’t eat many sandwiches these days. I’m not Celiac, but I do tend to have more migraines when I eat wheat so I avoid bread and pasta for the most part. I still eat a lot of gluten free pasta, because it’s fairly comparable in taste and price, but the bread substitutes are still fairly expensive. One thing I do miss is grilled cheese sandwiches. A few weeks ago I splurged on a loaf of gluten free bread so I could have grilled cheese and tomato soup on a snowy afternoon. #WorthIt

I make mine with sharp cheddar slices and I usually sprinkle some garlic powder and/or basil into the mayo before adding the cheese, but I dunno that I’d call it my “ultimate” sandwich. For me, the “ultimate” sandwich would be one that doesn’t send me to bed early with a splitting headache.

Maybe this is an easy prompt for you! What would make up your ultimate sandwich? Write it down! Share it in the comments! However you do it, just get it out of your head.

That’ll do it for this Tuesday. Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

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