Prompt 211-Favorite Album

What is your favorite CD or album?

I consider myself a bit of an audiophile. Bit of a side effect of being raised by a musician, really. I love listening to all kinds of music. I grew up on country and classic rock, but in my teen years I became obsessed with alternative and hard rock (as you do). In my Favorite Band post I mentioned Evanescence and Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin as staples of my musical diet during the early 00s. They continue to feature in my playlists now.

Asking me to pick my favorite album would be like asking my mother which of us is her favorite daughter. (It’s me, duh.) They’re all my favorites for different reasons, for different times. It comes down to the mood I’m in or want to be in. I have my go-to albums for when I’m moody or stressed or relaxing. When I still had a car with a CD player, it had 6 slots and I think 4 of them were taken up with Linkin Park albums for about 4 years straight.

I do have favorites among bands with lengthy discographies. While I have enjoyed every single album Linkin Park has ever put out, it’s a toss-up whether Hybrid Theory or Meteora is my favorite. I also love every single Breaking Benjamin album, but I think Phobia ranks highest, though Dark Before Dawn is a close second. (It is also a generous source of inspiration for Lara’s story.) The Sufferer and the Witness is my favorite Rise Against album. Fallen is my favorite from Evanescence. My favorite Coheed & Cambria album is Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness and no it’s not just because it has “Welcome Home” which I fell in love with on Rock Band or because it’s such a lengthy title it fluffs my word count for this post.

When I had my multi-disk CD player in the car, I would have rainy day drive tunes. All four volumes of Thrice’s The Alchemy Index were great for this, but especially Vol 2: Water, because duh. Another album that got a significant amount of playtime on rainy days was The Balancing Act from Sadistik. For some reason I always associate it with fall and get wicked nostalgic when I listen to it. I don’t have the CD player anymore, but I do have Amazon Music Unlimited and a Bluetooth connection to my phone. (And I still have the CDs, even if I haven’t set up the old CD player since we’ve moved.)

One thing I never really understood when it came to CDs was the idea of a live recording. So many people love CDs of live shows, but it’s just not the same to me. You don’t get the same energy out of it as if you were there, and it sounds terrible because it’s relatively raw. Sure there’s mixing done to clean stuff up, but when I want to listen to music I don’t want to listen to a distant crowd singing along in the past. And unless it was a show you attended, what’s the point? It can’t even give you the nostalgia factor. Well, not me anyway. Who am I to say how you do or don’t feel listening to a recording of a live show? I just never got the appeal.

So what are some of your favorite albums? Do you have one that you love above all others? Are you more like me in that you have a favorite depending on the day or perhaps specific to each of your favorite bands? What album do you find yourself always coming back to?

I’ve rambled on enough tonight. And hey, it’s Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week! Time to push through the last couple days and then be home free for the weekend! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Prompt 211-Favorite Album

  1. This is one of the toughest prompts for me. I have WAY too many. It would even be hard to pick one based on genre or format. Most of my working years, I worked full time in radio. Got to hear many songs (many that should have been hits, but weren’t) and meet many artists. A prompt that is equally hard would be favorite artist or band. There are just too many to chose from.

    My iPod had 5000 songs on it and I put it on shuffle when I am working. Like you mentioned, some songs I have to be in the mood to hear and my mood can determine what I am listening to.

    Thanks for your post!

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    1. Oh man, putting my old iPod Classic on shuffle was a dangerous game. I had a 5th gen 80GB one and my friend had about 25GB of hard rock, punk rock, metal, and screamo on his computer so he put all of it on my iPod just because he could. I also had a lot of soundtracks and instrumental albums on there (for studying or sleeping) so putting it on shuffle could have something like Enya followed by Five Finger Death Punch followed by Ke$ha followed by the Halo soundtrack. It was often a genre whiplash, haha!

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      1. LOL – I know exactly what you mean! I also have some movie soundtracks on my iPod. one year I had to DJ a Christmas party, so I put a whole bunch of Christmas music on the iPod with the intention of deleting it after the party… That never is an odd for my iPod to go from ZZ top to Beethoven to some random Christmas song like Jingle Bell Rock. it’s a good thing I only listen with headphones on… My co-workers might think I’m insane.

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