Prompt 235-Physical Attraction

What is your favorite physical aspect of your partner? If you are single, describe something you like about a crush or your fantasy celebrity date.

The tennis ball tagged the corner of the AD box and whistled past the end of my racquet, laughing into the chain fence at the back of the court as my swing failed to reach it in time. “40-love.”

I gritted my teeth. That was three service aces in a row. “How am I supposed to get any better if I can’t return them?” I cry.

He grinned across the court. It was a feisty, boyish smile. “I’m just running through this game to give you more practice serving.”

“How kind of you,” I say. He’s lucky that smile is so endearing or I’d beat him over the head with my racquet.

“You don’t have to stand right on the baseline. It’s ok to stand a bit behind it to give yourself time to react.”

“Yeah, yeah, just serve it out.” I know exactly what he wants me to do. If I stand back, he’ll serve it light and I will be too far back to get to it in time. I’m sure he’s serious about giving me back the opportunity to practice my serves.

“40 serving love.” He effortlessly tosses the ball straight up. His racquet arm swings back in a mesmerizing dance. His leg muscles ripple as he puts his whole body into the serve. The ball and racquet connect with a loud crack. I’m transfixed by his thighs and it occurs to me that I don’t stand a chance at returning this one. “Ha, whoops.”

I shake myself back to the present and see he served it right into the net. I’ve been given a reprieve disguised as a fault. “Serves you right!” I joke.

He clicks his tongue at me. “That was bad, even for you,” he says, wasting no time as he tosses the ball again. His second serve is far less brutal. I’m not sure if he’s going easy on me in apology or if it was just a bad serve, but this one I manage to hit back. The rally goes for half a dozen shots before I succeed in placing a drop shot on him as he jogged toward the back of the court. “Nice one!”

“Thanks!” I’m always pleased when I can get the ball to land where I intended, but it’s doubly special when it catches him off guard. I don’t get to relish the point though, as he serves out the game with another ace. “Oh, come on!”

He laughs and squats with his racquet out in front of him. “What have I told you? You’ve got to bend your knees!” I watch him flex his legs a few times in demonstration and do my best to refrain from grinning like an idiot. It’s not that I’ve forgotten his instruction. I just like watching him show me how to do it.

Notes: Ok so this one was a bit awkward for me. I’m not much for the physical attraction thing (hello, ace here), so it was hard for me to think of what physical aspect is my favorite. I’m not really all that big into big dudes with lots of muscles or chiseled bodies. I don’t pay much attention to physical aspects in general. It wasn’t until I started watching tennis regularly that I realized I have a thing for legs. Specifically, well-toned calves (but also a solid thigh can make me swoon). And when I realized that, of course I looked closer at my husband’s legs, and sure enough they were exactly the same as the ones I admired. I also love his beard. Mostly because it keeps him from looking like a 12 year old but also because duh, beards are hot. Or something.

What about you? What physical features are you most attracted to? What are your favorites? That’s all I have for tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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