Prompt 236-Snooping

Have you ever snooped in a friend or partner’s home?

“Hey, sorry about that.” Micah tucked his phone in his back pocket as he returned to the living room. “Sometimes I swear they wouldn’t know how to function without me.” He sighed with a chuckle. His face fell as he looked at me. “Raine? Everything ok?”

I nodded hastily. “Everything’s fine! I just wasn’t expecting that call to take you so long.” If only it had been as quick as he had said. If only my boredom hadn’t tag-teamed my curiosity on my way back from the bathroom. “Are we ready to go?”

His eyes flickered towards the hallway behind me, towards the bathroom. It would be naïve of me to assume he was debating taking a leak after what I had stumbled on back there. I fought off a swirl of anger as I thought about how carelessly he had hidden the suit. For a superhero with a reputation for being brilliant, he was incredibly stupid. Honestly, who forgets to shut the hidden panel to his secret lair when he brings company over?

Micah smiled—how had I never recognized my own nemesis’s smile before this—and assured me he was just about ready for our dinner date. “Let me just go grab a jacket real quick,” he said, jogging towards the hallway with its secret closet. There was no way for him to know I had seen it, so I went to fetch my shoes in the foyer.

As I laced up my boots, I grinned. How many dates had we cut short because one or the other of us had to thwart some other super powered idiot from destroying the city—or in my case, from robbing the bank I was planning to liquidate later that same week. So many times we had left a date with a hurried apology only to rush to face each other on the rooftops.

He joined me a moment later, wearing a jacket with his own emblem on it. “Really?” I laugh.

“What? He’s really cool.”

I have to bite my tongue from pointing out how tacky it is to wear your own merch, but it is endearing in its own way. “Yeah, I suppose. If you like that sort of thing.” And since my smile widens, it would appear that I do.

Notes: Just a short one for you tonight, though probably another candidate for rework/expansion. I got the idea when I decided to write a story in which the snooping was accidental. I’ve been watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix this week and so I had superheroes on the brain when I came up with the idea of the snooper stumbling onto the super secret. At first I thought “what if he’s a bad guy?” but then I decided it was far more interesting if the bad guy was the one who accidentally discovered his enemy’s secret identity while dating them.

Snooping is a natural bad habit we all have to some degree. We’re innately curious creatures, after all. On the whole, I don’t think snooping on friends or partners is inherently malicious and therefore deserving of condemnation, but we do have to recognize that boundaries exist and if we’re snooping in spite of those boundaries, we have to suffer the consequences of our actions should they be discovered. It’s the difference between going into the medicine cabinet because we were told that’s where the ibuprofen is and searching the medicine cabinet on a whim just because you want to know what’s in there.

Well I’m getting too sleepy to concentrate on my ramblings anymore so I’ll just leave you here. Have a great night! We’re halfway through the week! See you tomorrow!

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