Prompts 241-242

Prompt 241: How clean is your house right now?

My house (still slightly surreal to say that, my house) is moderately clean. That is to say, it is far from immaculate but nowhere near landfill. I like to think I do a decent job of keeping it presentable. I clean as I go for the most part. When I cook, I clean up the kitchen afterwards. If I’m doing something in the bathroom, I wipe down the counter and put away my things when I’m done.

I also have cats. Their fur is everywhere. It doesn’t matter how many times a day I sweep or set Esther (our Roomba) loose in the living room, there are always clumps of cat hair along the baseboards. The litter box is also Tony’s playground. I have to sweep around it every day. I really need to get a cover for it.

My mom came to visit last weekend so I did a bit more scrubbing than usual. Got all the windows cleaned for the first time since we moved in. We got a ladder a couple weekends ago to reach the roof and clean the gutters but it also meant I could finally reach the windows from outside. They are so sparkly clean, I’m honestly surprised I haven’t had any birds fly into them yet.

Having the last of the boxes unpacked helps too. Everything is kind of a mess whenever you move and seems to stay that way for months afterwards. A lady I work with was telling me she still has boxes in her basement and attic from the last time she moved almost 30 years ago! I get it though. If they’re full of memorabilia and heirlooms and photos, it’s hard to just get rid of them.

So what about you? Do you keep your house clean? What about your characters? Are they neat and tidy or chaotic disasters?


Prompt 242: Is there anything you are ever a snob about?

I do my best not to sneer or look down my nose on people for not liking a thing I like or for liking it “wrong.” I try to refrain from mocking people for their interests when they differ from mine. If anything, I’m probably an anti-snob? Like, I’m less likely to say or think something like “ugh, you listen to X?” or “you read Y?” or “how can you stand to listen to Z?” and more likely to just shrug and go “yeah that’s not my thing, but you do you boo.” If it’s not hurting anyone, who cares?

I’m sure I have had instances where I’ve slipped and had snobbish moments, but that’s part of being human. I’d like to think those moments came out of my passion for a thing, wanting to share it with another person in the exact way it affected me, and not a “you’re stupid for not seeing it like I do” thing.

What about you? Are you a snob about something in your life? What about your characters? Do they have any snobbish traits?

Notes: Yeah this cold is still kicking my butt. I’m annoyed by it because I just went through this a month ago. I usually only get one a year. I should be done! Le sigh. At least I don’t feel any worse. Anyway, here’s a twofer post to get us to Friday. I suppose it works out since I wasn’t really getting any story vibes from either of these prompts and barely got 500 words out of the two of them combined. Now for some more NyQuil and bed. Thank the stars it’s almost the weekend. See you tomorrow!

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