The Final Box

Happy Sunday, friends! How is your weekend going? Nice weather for you? It’s beautiful here in CT. I did a bunch of stuff around the house. My mom came to visit us for the first time since we moved in (back in November). Apparently that was the right amount motivation to convince me to unpack the last of my boxes from the move.

I’d been holding off because they were mostly books and games and I wasn’t sure I had my bookshelves where I wanted them and I didn’t want to move a full bookshelf if I didn’t have to. I also wanted another bookshelf because I was pretty sure I didn’t have room for all my books but it seems I may have donated enough that I can just fit most of my books on the two shelves I have. I still want another one though. I’ll be wanting more books eventually. I also found the folders and notebooks with story ideas and notes I’d been looking for. Haven’t gone through them yet, but it was nice to know where they were.

Finally hung up a few of the art pieces I had laying about. I’ve got plenty of wall space in the living room to hang more, but I’m not sure that’s where I want to put the rest. I did also finally print off a couple pictures from our honeymoon (from almost 2 years ago, whoops) and put them in the frames we got with our photo package. I have two metal and glass Ikea shelves that I’d used as extra pantry storage in the apartment that can now be used for their intended decorative purposes. I put all my framed family photos between the two of them.

I still need another shelf or something to store all my games though. That’s the last box to be unpacked. Chloe likes to sleep on it though. She seemed very put out that all her other boxes were gone. Oh well. I’m happy to be down to one box left. She can continue to nap on it for now. But as soon as I get another shelf, it’s going away.

Segues are weird but I don’t have a great transition to this week’s prompt list so let’s just dive right in, shall we?

239. Do you use coupons?
240. What do you think the biggest cultural differences are between your generation and your parents’ generation?
241. How clean is your house right now?
242. Is there anything you are ever a snob about?
243. Do you have any piercings? Do you like them on other people? Does it matter where they are?

Yuck. I don’t like any of these today. This week might be a struggle. Oh well. I’ll still be sitting my butt in a chair every night and continuing my habit of writing every day, one way or another.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Get pumped for the rest of the week! See you tomorrow!

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