Prompt 239-Coupons

Do you use coupons?

Coupons are those things I always mean to check for before I go grocery shopping and then never do. I get them after almost all of my transactions at my local grocery store, you would think I would just leave them in my purse to use for next time, but no. Either I put them in one of the bags and leave the coupon on the counter in a pile with others I have gotten, or I leave it in my purse and forget I even have it. A lot of the time it’s for stuff I don’t even buy or requires me to buy excess of what I’d normally buy in order to save a bit on multiple.

If I was a savvier shopper, I might shop sales and clip coupons, but for the most part I just don’t think of it. There was a time when that was necessary, when I had a very limited budget and needed to account for every penny, and even then I was so bad at it. I would just buy cheap, generic brands and get it in bulk whenever I could swing it. Now, I barely think about what my groceries cost. Which baffles and amazes me whenever it occurs to me. A small measure that I’ve “made it” as an adult.

I get why people like coupons and use them. I just feel like it’s extra work for not a heck of a lot of savings. Especially when my list doesn’t particularly change from week to week. I bring the same breakfast and lunch to work every day. The only thing that changes is my evening meal plan and that I’ll usually game plan based on what I find on sale in the store the day I go.

I tend to balk at the women (9 times out of 10 it’s a woman) in the grocery store with their massive binders full of coupons and a train of carts full of bulk items. More power to them for sticking to their budgets but I hate being stuck behind them in line. And it seems to always happen when there’s only the one cashier. I never want to be that person, so I don’t often bother with coupons myself.

I do like using coupons for entertainment though. Discounts at movies or museums, anything that’s marketed as an “experience” where a coupon can shave a small chunk off the outing, I’ll do that. Probably because in that instance, it’s only one coupon and shouldn’t hold up a transaction like at the grocery store.

What about you? Do you like couponing?

Notes: I wasn’t feeling a couponing story for this prompt so I just rambled a bit about my opinions of coupons instead. Today was a cold, wet day and all I want to do now is go to bed. Hopefully the sun comes out again tomorrow. I’ll see you then! Have a great night!

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