Oh To Be Human Again!

*inhales deeply* What is this? Air flowing through BOTH nostrils uninhibited? Lungs free and clear to be filled with beautiful spring air? I made it through an entire day without needing even a small catnap? Can this be? Dare I say it?


My cold is gone! Over! Finito! And all it cost me was a gorgeous Saturday spent sleeping in various comfortable spots in my house. Which, honestly, not the worst way to spend a Saturday. Though it’d be more interesting if there was a wild story of a Friday night that required a whole Saturday to recuperate. I just went full cat and slept half the day away to kill my cold.

The day wasn’t a total loss. Took a short jaunt to a bakery in town that we learned of last weekend. When my mother was here, we went to a diner nearby that sources their gluten free options from this local bakery. I was able to try one of their breads at the diner for my toast side and it was delicious. They’re 100% allergen free and I wanted to see what else they had for sale. Got a loaf of sandwich bread for the week and also some oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies. And a giant cinnamon sugar donut that was light and fluffy and so rich I saved half of it for my breakfast this morning. My husband got a raspberry oatmeal bar that was also so fresh and sweet. Next time I think I’ll try their muffins and pizza crust.

Of course, that little excursion was enough excitement for me for one morning and when we got back to the house I was ready for another nap. My husband spent my afternoon nap digging out the plot for our garden. I had roped it off last Sunday after mom went home while he cleaned the gutters but we had gotten a late start so there wasn’t quite enough daylight left then to dig it up. We’re gonna get some composting soil this week and hopefully be ready to plant after Easter.

You would think after sleeping all afternoon I would have been up until 3 but no, I was back to bed by 1030. Really the only downside to that was that I woke up at 7am this morning. I probably could have slept another hour but I was done with sleeping for once. I made my coffee and had the rest of my gluten free donut and sat down to do some writing. Wasn’t all that successful, at least not until the afternoon, but I sat down to do it!

I’m looking forward to getting back into these prompts. Last week was such a haze I barely remember what I wrote. So let’s see what’s on deck this week.

244. Do you recycle? If so, what do you recycle? If not, why not?
245. What is more important in a friend: someone who makes you laugh, or someone who is always there for you?
246. Do you have a favorite spot to go out for coffee or dinner? What makes this spot so great?
247. If you could change one personality trait about yourself, would you? Which one?
248. What is something you have learned in the past few days?

Finally, some good prompts! Although I just remembered I’m traveling out of town on Friday and may not get to that last one. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. That’s it for me for tonight! Have a great Monday! See you in the evening!

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