Prompt 247-Personality Change

If you could change one personality trait about yourself, would you? Which one?

[Emotional music plays]

[SFX: ambient crowd noise, perhaps a café]

Voice 1: I wish I was confident enough to ask my cute coworker out for coffee.

[SFX: tattoo gun whirring, clamoring voices chanting encouragement]

Voice 2: I wish I wasn’t so impulsive all the time.

[SFX: vacuum cleaner, tv laugh track]

Voice 3: I wish I wasn’t so lazy.

Announcer: Are you suffering from a bad personality trait? Does it get in your way of being a productive member of society? Do you wish you could be more charming, reliable, humble, or patient? At the labs at Change U we have developed state of the art technology to help you be the best you.

[Music changes, becomes upbeat]

Voice 4: Before volunteering with the Personality Altering Labs at Change U, I was a habitual liar. Now I’m as honest as Honest Abe himself!

Voice 5: PAL saved my life. I was always jumping down people’s throats and fighting anyone who looked at me crosswise. The researchers at Change U helped me to be less hasty and more empathetic. I have so many friends now!

Voice 6: I was a disorganized mess before I signed up to help the PAL researchers. Since taking part in their program, I am now meticulous and organized! My house has never been so clean!

Announcer: Whatever is holding you back, your pals at Change U can fix it! Give us a call at 1-555-242-6438 to schedule your consultation today! Let us make you into the best you, you can imagine!

[Music fades out]

Notes: When I read this prompt I had a vision of a pill or a surgery that would remove the personality trait you wanted to be done away with and the best way I could think of to portray that was with an ad. I looked up some sample scripts for TV and radio ads to see how they might appear written down. Then I gave it a shot myself. It’s a bit silly, but it’s something different to finish out the week.

I do not anticipate having time to write the last prompt for tomorrow. I will be traveling half the day and the evening is full of plans at our destination so I will save it for next week. It might be a short blog week.

As far as answering the prompt personally, the one thing I would change about myself personality-wise would probably be my laziness/procrastination. I did not start this until almost 10:30 tonight and I got off to late starts every other night this week. I could get so much more written if I would just do it when I say I’m going to. Oh well. They say writing is 90% procrastination after all.

I am looking forward to my long weekend. Hopefully you will get some time off too! I’m not sure if I will get around to my normal Sunday post or if it will be pushed to Monday, but either way I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend! I will see you next week!

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