The Filler Episodes

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Easter weekend was as fun and relaxing as mine. I really needed those extra couple days off from work. It’s still a few months until I get an actual vacation, but it was nice to be able to take a long weekend to visit family. It also means I get back-to-back four-day weeks. That is about as close to my ideal schedule as I can get right now.

I still managed to find time to write while I was gone. Did some brainstorming/thought organizing in my notebook on the drive out. Saturday was kind of gloomy weather-wise. Spent a good chunk of the day working on old projects. Had some downtime in the evening yesterday to keep trucking along. And now I’m home and it’s Monday and I’m writing my weekly update post a day late but hey, I’m writing!

When I didn’t have my nose buried in a notebook, whether it was spiral or laptop, I was visiting with the in-laws and helping my husband go through his old room and clean out old memorabilia. His mom has been asking him to take stuff out of there for actual years so she can renovate it. All the floors upstairs have been redone in the last few years except for his room because there was too much stuff in there and she didn’t know how much of it he wanted to keep.

It was an entertaining exercise, to be sure. The very first thing he picked up he spent several minutes playing with instead of just putting it in a box. I wanna say it was YuGiOh cards. As the night went on and the piles got bigger, we found his diaries, all the way from elementary school to high school. His mother got a kick out of that as I read them (with his permission, of course) aloud. The funniest thing we took out of it was 10 year old Andrew ranking his favorite Spice Girls.

If my life was an anime, my weekend was full of filler episodes. A lot of shenanigans that don’t necessarily move the plot forward but still provide all sorts of entertainment and maybe even a bit of backstory. I’ve been rewatching Inuyasha over the past month and I forgot just how many filler episodes there are. Nearly every one of them has me in stitches as I watch, though, and as I thought back on my weekend the comparison struck me as kind of silly. Anyway, that’s the story behind this week’s post title.

Since this week is already off to a late start, and I have a prompt to roll over from last week, and I have plans Thursday night, and we’re only three prompts shy of 250, I’m only going to do three prompts this week. Here we go:

*248. What is something you have learned in the past few days?
249. Name three things you have in your bathroom right now.
250. If you had a pet parrot, what would you teach it to say?

That last one seems like a perfect pirate prompt, and I just happen to have a pirate character. Wonder why he doesn’t have a parrot though. Hmm. Anyhow, this week’s schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, just like it was in the fall! Then we’ll be back on track for the final 50 prompts. We’re getting there!

Have a great rest of your night! See you tomorrow!

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