Prompt 260-Phrase

What is one phrase you would really like to hear right now?

Milly fell onto her bed face first, screaming into the comforter. To say that the day had been frustrating would have been akin to proclaiming the earth was round, true though some fools would try to refute it. From nearly missing her morning carpool due to accidentally turning off her alarm, and then spilling her coffee breakfast down her new white silk blouse once she arrived at work, to being passed over for a lucrative assignment where success would lead to excellent opportunities in advancing her career, for an upstart trainee with intimate connections to the client she hoped to work with, she felt justified in her assessment of how her day had gone.

She rolled onto her back and glowered at the ceiling. It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy for Samantha. The girl did excellent work, and would bring in even more business with her work for the client. It was good for the company, after all, and if the company thrived, they all remained gainfully employed. Millie hoped Samantha would succeed, but that didn’t lessen the pain of losing the longed-for contract to someone with less experience than her.

She sighed, and inhaled a faint whiff of coffee. Grimacing, Milly pulled the blouse over her head and tossed it into the basket in the corner. “Yeah, I wouldn’t have given me that client either,” she grumbled. The shirt would have to go to the cleaner’s to get that stain out. Her Tide-to-Go pen could only do so much.

She was in sweats and a baggy T-shirt when her doorbell rang twenty minutes later. Kadira looked comfortable in patterned leggings and an oversized sweater, but what caught Milly’s eye were the bags of halal takeout in her hand. Milly’s stomach grumbled loudly as the spices drifted up and teased her nostrils. “I know you said you didn’t want to go out tonight, so I figured I’d bring the party to you.” Kadira flashed a toothy grin. “I brought your favorite!” she added melodically.

Milly’s frustrations melted away with that simple phrase. She couldn’t say no to her girlfriend when Kadira had gone to all the trouble of bringing her food and company, after all. “You spoil me, you know that right?” she teased, opening the door wider to allow Kadira entry.

Kadira continued to grin. “Only because you’re terrible at spoiling yourself.” She kissed Milly’s forehead as she passed into the kitchen to unload her burdens onto the small table. She pulled out half a dozen Styrofoam containers and assembled the feast. Then she pulled a stack of movies from the canvas bag on her shoulder. “So. What’ll it be tonight? Terri-bad? Romantic comedy? Action thriller?”

“Got anything animated? I’m feeling like I want to be a kid tonight,” she said.

“Naturally,” Kadira replied, holding up a copy of Zootopia. “I told you, I brought your favorite.” By the time they settled onto the sofa with their food, Milly had all but forgotten her earlier woes.

Notes: I may have been projecting a little bit here. I had a similarly frustrating day earlier this week and just wanted to shut out the world. Luckily I have someone who loves me very much who treated me to a lovely date night to cheer me up. We saw Detective Pikachu last night and it was thoroughly enjoyable, exactly what I needed. Something I would like to hear though? “You aren’t being irrational about this.” Even though I know it, it helps to hear it from someone else sometimes. Anyway.

Hopefully your weekend is going swell! It was a beautiful day here so we’ve been getting quite a bit of yard work done (and by we, I mean him). I don’t have much more to say today, so I’ll see you again tomorrow with the list of next week’s prompts! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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