Prompt 267-Twenty-five Things

List 25 things you will never do.

I will never understand baseball or golf. I just don’t get it. I would rather watch paint dry.

I will never sprout wings and fly with my own power. It’s incredibly unlikely anyway. Would be pretty sweet though.

I will never swim across the ocean. It is not something I would ever dream of trying, but I’m highly skeptical it would even be physically possible for someone even in peak athletic form.

I will never remember how to spell occasion correctly on the first try. Thank you auto-correct.

I will never stop loving the night sky with all its stars and the moon shining bright every month to let us know it watches over us.

I will never be younger than I am now.

I will never forget the feeling I had the first time I flew.

I will never fly through Newark, NJ if I have any say in it whatsoever, and even if I don’t I might jump out of the plane before landing.

I will never trust technology to work perfectly 100% of the time. It cannot disappoint me if I don’t expect it to be fully functional at all times.

I will never own an iPhone. Probably. They’re just not for me, and I’ve been on Android phones for so long I don’t know what I’d do with the Apple OS.

I will never stalk a celebrity. I could barely make eye contact with the one I met when he tried to make conversation with me, let alone become so obsessive that I would try to follow him everywhere. Celebs are people too, after all.

I will never see my father again in this life.

I will never give up my loved ones for anything.

I will never understand why people feel the need to put others down as a way to lift themselves up.

I will never shame someone for their sexuality or gender or religion or physical appearance. If you respect others, I respect you.

I will never know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in my own body. But that does not mean I cannot empathize with those who are uncomfortable in theirs.

I will never wish ill on anyone who does not deserve it. In most cases, people can learn from their transgressions and grow as human beings if given the chance. There are obvious exceptions to this and those should never be allowed to see the light of day.

I will never intentionally kill someone. (Off the page; characters are not safe from this, especially those serving as proxies for someone who deserves it.)

I will never be over the deaths of my favorite characters, regardless of how many fix-it fics I read or write.

I will never be as cool as my coolest characters or as smart as my smartest characters or as cruel as my cruelest characters. They are born of me, but they are not me.

I will never have enough books on my shelves. If I fill them, that just means I need more shelves.

I will never finish my TBR pile. It just never ends.

I will never finish my stories if I don’t sit down and write them.

I will never stop writing stories, no matter how silly or unintelligible or self-pleasing or unmarketable they might be. I have words in my head that want to be out and no one can stop me short of killing me.

I will never be anything more than what I am. I am me and that’s all I can be, except, maybe, a better me, but that would still be me.

Notes: That was a fun little exercise. I didn’t bother numbering them, but there are 25 statements there. It was harder than I thought it would be. “Never” is an absolute and hard to predict. I tried to throw in some silly ones among the serious ones. I also wrote them as I thought them and rearranged them at the end to have some sort of flow, if not a lot. That’s the extent of the editing I do on these posts.

In other news, I wrote my 100,000th word last night! In Sunday’s post I mentioned how close I was to the midpoint of my annual goal and after a whirlwind afternoon of writing Sunday and last night’s routine, I did it! That’s two novels worth of words! In 4.5 months! Incredible! Anyway, here’s to another 100k!

Your turn now. 25 things you will never do. Get to listing! Have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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