Prompt 279-Utopia

Describe your idea of a utopia.

The Domes were the answer to humanity’s salvation after the Last War. Initially constructed as test colonies for space exploration, they were built all over the world in as many climates as they could experiment in. At the outset of the war, there were only a couple dozen. They never made it out of Earth’s atmosphere.

It was the Sages who first realized the potential to rebuild using the abandoned colonies. They gathered survivors and took refuge within them. Within the first decade following the end of the war, they had taken the existing structure of the colonies and expanded them to accommodate the survivors in those regions.

Then they set out into the ravaged world to rally the remaining people, to unite them and help them build new homes. They had the blueprints, and they knew where to get the materials to build more. Cities that would sustain themselves within a generation. It was a mad plan, but they had already proven it could work.

Water was the most important part. Without water, there could be no life. The nukes had contaminated much of the Earth’s natural water supply, but the Domes had the highest quality filtration and treatment systems. And while much of the world’s water was poor, not all of it was. They sought out those sources first. They could build more Domes once the current Domes were able to produce excess.

After the locations were selected, they built the Colleges first. Places where the Kin could find answers and mentors, and where the general public would presume all the Dome’s science and engineering happened. They would not be wrong of course, but there was so much more behind the scenes.

The general layout was the same in every Dome, different districts serving different purposes. The agricultural district provided food for everyone in the colony. The residential district, shelter. The business district offered entertainment and pleasure. The local governments were built up of ministers for each district and they worked with the College to monitor all the different systems that supported the Dome to keep everything running smoothly.

Everyone had a roof over their heads. Everyone had a job to do. No one went hungry. The citizens of the Domes grew and thrived. The Domes provided. There was no suffering in the garden. As long as the people followed the rules, there would be no exile from Eden. They could live in perfect harmony forever.

Notes: So I used this prompt as an opportunity to do a bit of world building for my post-apocalyptic sci-fi story. I thought I knew exactly how I wanted it to go, but the longer I thought about it the more questions I had and the more I thought “wait that wouldn’t work” or “that makes no sense with earlier bits I’ve written here” and I’m not entirely on board with this version of events yet. And now I’ve gotta figure out what these “rules” are that mustn’t be broken. But it is useful in getting me to think about the history of this world and how it came to be, given that it’s history includes the present.

I hope you all had a lovely fourth. My husband and I went to the theater and saw Spiderman: Far From Home. It was sooo good. And those post credits scenes, fantastic. The first one had me screaming incoherently. The second one had me laughing and going “That explains so much!” It’s an all-around fun film. The perfect summer movie. Go see it!

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. Hopefully I can sleep tonight, what with all the neighbors setting off fireworks and making it sound like a warzone out there. But then it’s the weekend again! This has been such a weird week. And only two more weeks til I get a mini vacation. God do I need it. Anyway. I’ll be back tomorrow with one more prompt to close out the week. Have a great Friday!

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