Prompt 280-Wish I Knew

Describe something you do not know that you wish you did.

I wish I knew how to answer this prompt.

Something I don’t know, but wish I knew? There is so much that I don’t know. There is more that I don’t know that I don’t know than there is that I do know that I don’t know.

Wait, what?

I wish I knew why my brain works the way it works. Sometimes it’s like a mouse winding through a maze to find the cheese at the end but there are pitfalls and traps and if I’m not careful, I wind up losing hours falling deeper and deeper before coming out the other side. Sometimes it’s just memes on repeat. It’s really anyone’s guess at any given moment.

I wish I knew more about space and ships and spaceships. I love science fiction stories set on an intergalactic stage, but I don’t understand how they make the tech sound so real. I dream of writing my own space opera with awesome ship combat and maybe even giant robots, but I can’t envision how they would even work. Part of being a writer is to convince the readers that the world you’ve built is plausible, but if you can’t even fathom it yourself, how will you ever convince your readers?

I wish I knew that I was doing well with my writing. I mean, I know, but my brain doesn’t seem to be on the same page as me half the time. The mouse is in the self-doubt portion of the maze and it’s the hardest part to get out of. I wish I knew how to get rid of that part of the maze.

I wish I knew how to draw well. I would love to turn some of my stories into comics, but I don’t have the time to work on both writing and drawing. I envy the artists who can draw their OCs and write their stories.

I wish I knew why people are so intolerant of other people. Why do we fight? For as long as we have recorded history, we have records of wars. We cannot accept that which is different from us and therefore we must destroy it.

I wish I knew why I am here.

I wish I knew what déjà vu is. Is it the brain lagging  behind or has this really happened before? I don’t know, but I’ve written and rewritten these paragraphs before.

I wish I knew how to not sweat, like an Aes Sedai. I hate sweating so much. Give me back my cool spring evenings already!

I wish I knew what else to say.

Notes: Some rambling thoughts on a muggy Friday night. Not much to add here. I’ll be back Sunday with a new list of prompts as usual! Have a great weekend!

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