Ahhh I’m Melting!

How’s everyone doing this fine Sunday afternoon? Staying plenty cool I hope? Drinking lots of water? It’s much less humid today than it was yesterday at least. I just felt like a puddle all day Saturday. I spent the morning on my makeshift patio in the backyard drinking my coffee and browsing Pinterest before the heat really kicked in, but once it did, I did not want to leave the a/c.

We had some pretty sweet storms in the afternoon though. I was out checking the garden when it started getting dark at 6pm. I have a couple squash already! I’m very excited. There was also a chipmunk running in circles in there. It wasn’t right. Its head was cocked at a funny angle and it kept flopping as it tried to run. My husband didn’t want me getting near it cause he was worried it might be rabid. Poor thing.

The skies opened up about ten minutes later anyway. Lotta lightning and heavy downpours. I just checked the rain gauge we have out by the garden and it had 2″ of water in it. I had hoped the rain would cut the humidity and even opened the windows, but it was still pretty soupy out there after the first line of storms rolled through. My mom said something similar happened up by her and I joked that “the sky just sneezed but it’s still feverish.”

The worst part about the heat, besides the constant sweating and general feeling of moistness, is the lack of appetite. I could have gone the whole day without eating anything, but my husband fired up the grill mid-afternoon to cook some hot dogs and the salmon burgers we bought earlier in the week. They were delicious, but it was just too hot to eat. We didn’t eat dinner until almost 9pm and that only because he ordered pizza while playing video games.

It also sucks because it saps my creative energy. I’m pretty sure I sat at my computer for a few hours just staring at a blank Word document and alternating between that and looking for new tunes. I eventually did manage to get some writing going, but not until much later in the evening, i.e. when it finally cooled down enough that I could think for a bit.

Which is the perfect segue into this week’s list of prompts! Here’s what we’ve got coming up this week:

281. Have you ever met someone who expressed emotion in an over-the-top way?
282. Why do you live in the city or state that you do?
283. Write about a teacher of yours that did something noteworthy.
284. Write about an event going on in your life right now, but see if you can write it in the past tense.
285. Have you ever taken a huge risk? What was it, and was it worth it?

Those are some good prompts. Might actually get some short stories out of these. I already know the story I want to share on Wednesday so that’s a good sign.

Well, I don’t really have much more to say this afternoon. I should go try and do some chores around the house now that the humidity isn’t 10000% today. Stay safe! Remember to drink water! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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