Prompt 285-Worth The Risk

Have you ever taken a huge risk? What was it, and why was it worth it?

Captain Leo walked among his crew as they sorted through the spoils of their battle and accounted for their dead and wounded. The rowboats were laden with treasures taken from the bandits’ stores and sent back to The Eternity. Cyril tended to the worst of the wounded, sending any who were not in immediate danger of dying back to the ship with the loot. He would need empty boats for half a dozen of the men.

Leo also wanted a boat to carry the dead back to the ship so they could be given a proper burial at sea. He had lost eight good men in that desperate fight. He watched as the ninja woman walked among the corpses collecting her small blades. That number would have been much higher had she not appeared the night before.

Some of the men had voiced their concerns when he sent her off with his pendant and the Code. He knew the risk. Had she been a hostile enemy, she could have taken the information and returned to her clan for reinforcements. She could have stormed the ship and slain his entire crew while he and his landing party remained caged, waiting death at the hands of the bandits. Had she been less than sincere, this night would have played out differently.

He didn’t know why she was a rogue or why she was sympathetic to men who were supposed to be her mortal enemies. Maybe the two were related. He didn’t know what risks she had taken to see it through. All he knew was that she had followed through on her promise to bring him his crew. She even went as far as fighting alongside them, and saved his life in the process.

He hoped she would come with them when they set sail. There were things he needed to ask her. That would be riskiest of all.

Notes: I like this prompt because it assumes a positive outcome. Sometimes we take a risk but we severely miscalculate and it turns out that it wasn’t actually worth it. I thought about writing something to that effect instead, but I often think about Leo and Kita’s relationship when I think of characters taking a risk (or a chance) on each other. I decided to rework a bit of the aftermath of the battle with the bandits to showcase the payoffs of the risks they took in trusting each other. One of the very first posts on Closet Full of Notebooks was about something being “worth it” and I used it to introduce my ninja and her pirate captain friend to the blog. Just seemed right to stick with them for this theme.

I also started this late because I was watching the Wimbledon men’s semifinal re-air all night and figured Leo and Kita would be an easy ~500 words before midnight. Didn’t I already know how the matches ended? Of course. Did that stop me from seeing how they got to those results? Heck no. It was a risk that was definitely worth it. Federer and Nadal are always a treat to watch and Djoker’s match was more difficult than it should have been.

That wraps up this week. Have a great weekend! I’ll see you Sunday with a new list of prompts!

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