Too Hot For Blog Titles

What is up fellow bloggers, writers, readers, and general public of the internet? How are we doing this fine July evening? I am very warm. We are in our 6th day of a heatwave (90F+) and as blasphemous as it sounds I am very much looking forward to early fall where the temps are closer to 70/50 than 90/70. Blessedly the humidity hasn’t been bad the past few days, so while it’s hot, it’s not quite as suffocating as last week.

I’ve had a pretty decent weekend. Got my hair cut and colored yesterday. I’m very red now. Just call me Black Widow. Met my husband for a late lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the air conditioned living room playing Heavy Rain because it came free with Detroit: Become Human on PS4 this month. Also finished reading Last of Her Name last night. It was so good. Jessica Khoury is a phenomenal writer and her imagery makes me weep because it is just so vivid.

Today I spent half the day watching the Wimbledon men’s final and was not disappointed. It was one of those matches where you hate that there has to be a loser because they both played so well. Federer was consistent through the entire match but Djokovic played at a higher level when it mattered and ultimately those points were the difference. I am glad they finally changed the format for 5th set tiebreaks because we might still be sitting there waiting for a winner if they hadn’t initiated that rule change this year.

I don’t have a neat segue into the list of prompts today. I guess I’ll just give them to you now.

286. What is your favorite TV series?
287. Write about a time you said, “No!” as a child.
288. Do you remember your 21st birthday? Describe it as best you can.
289. Write about your first day at your current job.
290. Describe a wedding cake you have seen or had.

Man, those are all diary prompts. Hopefully I can get a short story or two out of those. Wednesday’s post will be another fun anecdote. I do remember most of my 21st and I will tell you all about it then.

I am taking a long weekend/mini vacation from work at the end of the week and I cannot wait. I don’t foresee it affecting my posting schedule as we don’t have solid plans to go anywhere. We’re just taking some time off to enjoy the summer weather and do some small projects around the house. Maybe have a fancy dinner for our anniversary. If anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you know at the end of the week.

That will wrap up this week’s update. I’m off to go watch more Stranger Things with my husband since we did not actually do that the other night. Hope you’re all staying cool! Keep up the writing! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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