Prompt 286-Favorite TV Series

What is your favorite TV series?

I don’t watch a lot of live TV anymore, let alone syndicated series. I couldn’t even tell you what the popular sitcoms are these days. Big Bang Theory finally ended, right? I used to watch reruns with my husband after dinner, but I wouldn’t call it my favorite series. I used to watch Criminal Minds pretty regularly until about season 8. Then they went on break for the holidays or something and I never got around to watching again. Although I do find myself re-watching those seasons all the time on Ion or whatever channel has the marathons one day a week. It is all on Netflix now. I keep telling myself “one of these days, I’ll finish it” but I never do.

Netflix has some fun series too. Stranger Things has us hooked. The Umbrella Academy was amazing too. I can’t wait for the next season of that. I haven’t actually watched much of Black Mirror, though my husband was watching it a couple weeks ago and I caught bits of a few episodes. Seems like it might be up my alley, if I ever have enough time.

It’s no secret that I much prefer animation to live-action. And I have so many favorites among anime and cartoons. Really it’s just whatever the “flavor of the week” is for me. Last week (well, that and the few weeks prior really, there are so many episodes) that was Gundam SEED. This week has been all about Stranger Things. I suspect next week I’ll be on something else. Maybe She-Ra again, preparing for season 3.

I tend to re-watch series I’ve already seen because it helps me to learn story-telling and world building and character development. When I already know the outcome, I can see how the threads built up to the reveals and how characters grew (or didn’t…lookin at you Shinn, you waste of space) over the course of the series. Even with episodic series like Criminal Minds where the basic structure of each episode is the same, the small things the actors bring to their characters that lay out a deeper arc over several episodes or a season really fascinate me.

Prentiss’s character arc especially gets me because she was really fleshed out over several seasons and there were little things, small actions or lines, in her earlier episodes that seemed insignificant but had a huge impact on her story in later episodes. Honestly, part of why I stopped watching after season 8 was because she was gone. I know they bring her back, and that is about the only thing that entices me to get around to finishing the show.

So how about you? What about your favorite TV series? What about it draws you in for re-watch after re-watch? I’m off to go watch the last episode of Stranger Things season 3. I am not ready for this at all. Have a great night!

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