Prompt 287-Childish No

Write about a time you said, “No!” as a child.

Mama always said there was magic in the world if you knew where to look for it. She said that most people forget how to see it as they get older. It seems silly that they should forget, when they’re the ones always reminding us to use our magic words.

Every kid knows about the magic words. Of course, we also know that “please” and “thank you” aren’t the only words with power. Most words are magic if you use them right. Words will get you things you want or need with little effort. Words make pacts and form bonds. Words build and words destroy. The simpler the word, the more power it holds. The most powerful word of all?


It is neither good nor bad, but it must be wielded with care. “No” can be polite. It can be rude. It can be fun. It can be serious. It can bring understanding. It can bring anger. It can break a heart. It can save a life.

You can end things with “no.” Daddy is tickling you too much? “No more!” He will stop. Friends are playing too rough or unfairly or you’re just too tired? “No more!” They will stop.

If you don’t want to do something, just say “no.” It is especially helpful when dealing with strangers. If they ask you to follow them or get in their car or van, you can just say no. The louder you say it, the stronger it is.

It has its weaknesses though. If Mama tells you to do your chores, and you say “No!”, you could find yourself grounded.

All words are magic, but no is the most versatile magic word of all.

Notes: I couldn’t think of any particular time I said “No!” as a child. I am sure I said it a lot. It’s one of the first words kids learn, after all. I figured I would come up with a silly little story about a kid saying “No!” to their parent over chores or something, but then I got the idea of “magic words” stuck in my head and “no” as a magic word. I wanted to expand a bit further on it but I didn’t know where else to take it. So, that’s all I’ve got for this prompt.

I hope your week is going well and that these prompts are inspiring you more than they’re inspiring me! I finished Stranger Things season 3 last night and I am still not ok. I definitely said “No!” a lot during that last episode. I’m gonna go make some tea and overanalyze everything to do with it now. Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

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