Prompt 296-Life Summary

Imagine your life is now a best-selling book. Write the summary for the back cover.

From the time she was a young girl, Sara had always loved stories. Reading was her bread and butter, and in kindergarten she was proud to be allowed to skip naptime to read with the third graders. Naturally, her passion for reading stories sparked the desire to write them as well. Even when she had nothing, she had her stories.

Come join her in this comical, at times heart-wrenching, memoir of growing up, of self-discovery, and the importance of stories at any age. Follow her through the fields of her childhood, the forests of her youth, and the raging river of adulthood. It’s a journey you won’t want to miss!

Notes: The nature of a jacket or back cover summary is that it is short, roughly one hundred words or near enough, so I didn’t really get a lot of words out of this prompt. It only took about twenty minutes to hash out, too. Not nearly the hour or 500 word count I aspire to for my posts. I guess this Notes section is where I fluff it out a bit, but I’m not even sure of what else to say.

Despite that, I did actually enjoy this prompt. It was challenging in a different way. Having restrictions (self-imposed or otherwise) on word count forces me to focus on the words I’m using and make better choices. Not saying I did that here, really; I don’t edit these posts much before posting them. But it is a good habit to get into. Especially for submitting works to magazines or publishers. Working within a limit is not an easy skill to hone, and I certainly struggle with it myself, but it is good to practice. I work towards a minimum for the sake of my annual goals, but setting a ceiling is important too.

I guess that’s really all I’ve got for this one tonight. Hope you’re all staying cool! Have a great night. See you tomorrow!

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