Hello again! Long time no chat! How was your weekend? Did you get any writing done? Spend any time outside? Read any good books? It was another warm one here in New England but I got to relax for most of it. I think I spent a good chunk of it on VRV and YouTube to be completely honest.

We played tennis this morning though! That was fun! I wish we got out to the courts more than a couple times a month. Usually we go on Saturday or Sunday but the weather hasn’t really been cooperative the last few weekends. It was way too hot for it last weekend, and then it rained on my other days off. Here’s hoping August is nicer!

Of course I also did some writing yesterday. I owed you all a post from Friday so I took care of that while my husband was at the driving range. And it got me thinking about the state of the blog now that we’re in to the final prompts from the book that started it all.

It’s honestly a little wild to me that I’ve stuck to writing almost every day for over a year and a half, pushing myself to come up with new stories every day and write outside my comfort zone. When I started this I had no idea how it would go, if I would even manage to come up with anything for the prompts as I went through them, if I would quit after a month or two.

But here we are. 336 posts later. I’ve kept my schedule, with only a handful of exceptions, over the last 20 months. I gain new followers every week. I see you all (350!), really I do! And I am humbled beyond words that you choose to read my silly little dailies. You motivate me to keep going even when I feel like I have nothing to give at the end of the day.

I’ve thought a lot about where to go from here, now that we’re at the end of the book that sent me on my journey. Would I go back through old prompts and come up with new stories? Would I edit and expand on tales I started from those old prompts? Would I find new prompts online to work from? I don’t want to stop putting out content. That much I know.

On our anniversary on Monday, my husband and I had a book date at Barnes & Noble. We browsed for an hour or so and left with a small stack of books between us. One of those books was the sequel to this prompt book, 300 More Writing Prompts. So I’ve got another year and a half or so’s worth of prompts! The blog will carry on as usual!

But first, to finish off this book, here are the last 5 prompts!

296. Imagine your life is now a best-selling book. Write the summary for the back cover.
297. Did you have a “lovey” as a child? Do you still have one?
298. What is something you deserve but do not currently have?
299. Describe your favorite photograph.
300. Have you ever cheated on a school homework assignment or a test? Do you still regret it today?

Ok! Those aren’t too bad. I’ve got plenty to work with for the week anyway, and now so do you! Let’s all have a great week! See you tomorrow!

PS-Like these prompts? Like the short stories I write based on these prompts? Want to show your support? Give the blog a follow! Leave a comment! Buy me a coffee! I put a lot of time and effort into these posts and your support means the world to me! Ok, now go out there and write!

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