Don’t Harsh My Mallow

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your weekend? Did you get to relax? Read a book or three? Do any writing? Visit friends or family? I had a great weekend! Got out of work a couple hours early on Friday and was able to spend those hours on my patio reading Jane Lindskold’s latest, the 7th Firekeeper book, Wolf’s Search. I’m enjoying it very much so far. When hubby got home after his after-work golf lesson, we grilled some chicken and settled in to watch season three of She-Ra. Man did they pack a lot of punch into 6 short episodes.

Saturday morning we got out to the tennis courts early. It was much cooler than last week. Little bit overcast and twenty degrees cooler made for a much more productive workout. After we got cleaned up, we headed north to my mom’s and spent the afternoon by the pool. Had another cookout and then spent the evening out around a campfire roasting marshmallows. It was very relaxing and cozy, and then we spent the night in the tent my sister still had up from a slumber party a couple weeks ago.

This morning we met his mom where she and her husband were camping for the weekend. It was a beautiful campground and their fifth-wheel is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s nicer than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. We sat around the campsite chatting and telling stories until we had a late lunch. Then Andrew and I had to head back to CT.

Unfortunately that’s when our weekend soured. After we put away the groceries we had picked up on the way home, he went down to start laundry only to discover the basement was full of water. Again. We’ve had issues with our sump pump since we moved in, but we replaced it a couple weeks ago. It’s been running fine but apparently all it took was us spending a night away for it to decide it didn’t want to live anymore.

So it appears the rest of our evening is going to be spent troubleshooting and mopping. Take me back to camp please. I don’t wanna adult anymore.

Anyway, here are the upcoming prompts for this week.

301. If you could book a flight tomorrow for anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
302. What is your idea of the perfect summer?
303. What is something you want to learn but have been too afraid to try?
304. What song old or new do you think could have been written about you and why?
305.  What TV show, past or present, do you wish your life was like?

Oh I like these a lot. Especially Thursday’s. I’m gonna have to do some digging into my music library to figure that one out.

That’s all I have for this week’s update. Have a great rest of your Sunday! See you tomorrow!

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