Prompt 311-Sense of Humor

Compare your sense of humor to 3 things and describe why you chose them.

My sense of humor is like a whoopie cushion. It is childish, at times irreverent, and mostly full of hot air. It is the dad-jokiest of gag gifts. If it makes other people groan, it is probably hilarious to me. If it can be followed by a percussive rimshot, I am probably already making the “ba-dum-tss” with my mouth. It is obnoxious, but it is also a classic. It’s familiar and reminds you of your own childhood.

My sense of humor is also like laughter at a funeral. Unexpected, probably inappropriate, and definitely tinged with darkness. Take the dark things and make them light. Only have one living parent? You’re halfway to becoming batman. Agent Coulson in the first Avengers film: “So that’s what that does.” (If you know, you know.) There is a nihilist cant to a lot of the things I find funny. Nothing matters so you might as well laugh about it. It will probably make you uncomfortable, but I’ll just laugh at that too.

My sense of humor is a quirky stock image set. It is all wrapped up in memes and vines and screenshots of tumblr posts. It’s surrealist paintings with harebrained text plastered on and distorted almost beyond recognition. It’s a goofy picture of a gecko wearing a hat with the caption “me” underneath it. You question why I am laughing; you cannot understand. It is probably for the best. My sense of humor is Incredibly Online™ and I will never log off.

Notes: This was a fun little exercise. I tried to distill my sense of humor into slightly more tangible things than just “weird” or “dry.” Coming up with something that embodies a dad joke or a pun was challenging, but I think a whoopie cushion evokes the same feeling. This prompt didn’t really lend itself to a lengthy word count, but that’s okay. It got me thinking more creatively and I know this practice will come in handy when I’m trying to describe things in my stories in the future.

I’m mostly just glad I was feeling well enough to write tonight. Still taking it one day at a time. The meds helped get me through work but I needed a nap when I got home. I am even looking forward to calling it another early night. Getting more than 5-6 hours of sleep does a body good. Now if only it weren’t so dang hot again.

That does it for me tonight! Playing it by ear for the rest of the week as to how I’m going to recoup last night’s post. Might do a twofer or might just write through Saturday. We’ll see what the muse has in store! Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

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