Prompt 312-Indoor Olympics

Create an indoor Olympics for your home. Describe the games and what you’d use to make them. Create fun categories not seen in the traditional games like: Ultimate Pillow Fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to welcome you to the first annual Closet Full of Notebooks Indoor Olympics! The first games to take place entirely within your average home, we have events sure to please even your weird aunt who never “got” sports! It’s fun for the whole family!

In the Olympic Chores category, we have games like Extreme Laundry Folding where athletes must neatly fold and put away piles of laundry within the time limit. Don’t forget to check out the Laundry Triathlon where sorting, washing and folding are done in succession! Clothes have never been so clean! We also have the Vacuum Derby, Dishwasher Stacking, and Ultimate Organizing Extravaganza.

For something a little more challenging, we have the Play House category. This category features events like Game Master, a round robin tournament of board games where the winner takes all and the loser is a big doodoo head. We also have Carpet Stair Races and Hide and Seek Championships.

There will be a category dedicated to dealing with our furry companions! Don’t Scratch That is a race against time as athletes will do their best to keep a cat from clawing the furniture in every room. Herding Cats is a similar game but with more emphasis on corralling the cats than stopping them from doing things they shouldn’t. Dog Crate is a full contact sport in which athletes must get a stubborn dog into its crate in time to leave for work. It’s a full body workout!

Finally, for the art lover in your life, we will have competitions which are far more subjective than simply measuring speed and strength. Tournaments in interior design, creating the most luxurious space with a limited budget and inventory, baking, and spontaneous dancing while cleaning, to name a few.

So come on down for some wholesome family competition! The first ever Indoor Olympics await!

Notes: This was silly, and honestly just what I needed after the night I had. We had some really nasty storms all night and were under tornado warnings for a solid hour and a half. That was fun. Not exactly a common occurrence in the CT river valley. And I was home alone for the first one.

We were really lucky though. Despite the rotation over the town a couple miles away, no tornado actually formed. Was a lot of wind and lightning though. I do not like the thunder when it’s that unstable. I like a low, steady rumble, not the cracks and booms that come with constant streak lightning. The power flickered a few times, but we never lost it. The next town over had a lot of trees and power lines down though. Hopefully the damage isn’t too severe and everyone already has power back.

That does it for this Wednesday night. What sort of games would you have at your Indoor Olympics? Have a great night. See you tomorrow!

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