Prompt 318-Rainbow

If you had to create a definition for a rainbow, how would you define it and what would you say its meaning or purpose is?

In the long, long ago, when the world was still dark and grey, the Mother created seven daughters to gift the planet with color. Beneath her shining smile, they danced across the earth, brightening the ground with every step. Blue filled the skies and the seas as Green spread across the land, giving life to lush grasslands and sprawling forests. Yellow shared her mother’s warmth with the flowers and the bees. Orange chased her mother toward the horizon and claimed some of the sky for her own. Violet was content with her flowers and berries. Red ran rampant, flowers and fruit and birds and fish burst to life with her touch, though some she left as a warning against eating.

Shy Indigo sat and watched her sisters play. She had always been pulled between Blue and Violet and couldn’t bear to step on either of their toes. But when everyone was asleep, before Mother could rouse them, Indigo stared in wonder at the sky her sister had made. It had been so beautiful in Mother’s embrace, but now it was void. Indigo reached out to fix it, to bring back some of the color to the emptiness. Her sisters stirred and smiled when they saw what she had done. Violet helped her paint and soon they were all painting together as Mother rose.

Mother looked upon the world and was pleased with her daughters’ work. There was no more bleakness, no more grey. It was full of color, just as she knew it should be. The world would always be full of color with her daughters there.

One day the skies grew angry. The clouds were jealous of the colors that filled everything but them. They joined together to block out the Blue. They darkened to mute the Green and hide the Red and Yellow and Violet in their shade. The world didn’t need color. Monochrome was how the world had always been and they wanted to go back.

They opened up and poured their jealousy down to the land, washing away everything that the sisters had done, and drowning the sisters themselves. Mother wept to see such waste, and the clouds retreated meekly in her presence. She pitied them as much as she grieved. They did not know they could hold colors too.

She collected her daughters and returned them to their bosom. Then she passed her hand over the clouds, spreading a bow of color over them, one band for each of her daughters. The clouds wept at her mercy and promised never to wash the colors away again. They made a pact then, to share her daughters’ memory after every rainfall, to remind the world that the colors will always return brighter after the rain.

Notes: I honestly had this going a lot better/more interesting in my head before I sat down to write but then the words wouldn’t come out. My brain must be more fried from work today than I initially realized because all I want to do is go to sleep. I knew I wanted to try my hand at a creation myth for a natural phenomenon and a rainbow offered up a lot of potential. I missed my mark on this one, but I won’t give up. I wanna try it again when I’m not so braindead.

We’re halfway through it now! Only two days left until a long weekend! Have a great night. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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