Prompt 325-House Swap

Would you ever house swap with someone and if so where and how long would you stay?

House swaps are such an interesting concept to me. Maybe because I haven’t been a homeowner for a full year yet. Next month will mark our first full year since closing and then November will be a year of living in the house. People love to say owning a home is an adventure and we’ve certainly had our share (drainage issues leading to partially flooded basement, electrical issues from our minor renovations, etc.), but it’s nice not being tied to a lease with noisy neighbors anymore.

Our house is just the right size for us. We don’t have kids, and don’t plan to have any, so our three bedrooms are more than enough to have a guest room and an office. The basement is mostly finished to be an additional living space. We just need to put our own touches on it now that we’ve fixed the plumbing issues. There are still a lot of projects we want to do so it’d be weird to think about swapping with someone and dropping them into the middle of our chaos.

It’d be fun to swap with someone in a small mansion, though. Someone with a pool house or guest house as big as my house. Very much a “how the other half lives” type of swap. I wouldn’t want to do it for more than a week. Basically, I want a mini vacation in a mansion. I don’t think I could stand to live in a large house like that for an extended period of time though. Just thinking about cleaning it stresses me out. And I’m sure the socialite taking my place in my house would be similarly uncomfortable. Maybe even claustrophobic.

Another swap I would do would be with a similarly sized home in a completely different climate and/or culture. Come live in a drafty old house for a week in the heart of winter and let me squat in your temperate home. I’ve never lived outside of the northeast so I don’t even know what a warm winter would be like. We had a warm spell a few years back where it was 75F on Christmas Eve and it was so uncomfortable despite being so warm because it was Wrong™. I know plenty of places on the planet have warm temperatures like those at Christmas but it’s basically in my blood that anything above 40F on Christmas in unnatural.

So what about you? Would you ever swap houses with someone? How long do you think you could do it for? Write it down!

Ok, we’ve finished yet another stellar week of prompts! I will have a new list for you tomorrow!

Wait, tomorrow you say? But Sara! Tomorrow is Saturday! We get prompts on Sunday!

Yes, dear reader, you do! But I am going to a football game on Sunday and will not be getting home until late and will more likely than not be too tired to write a blog post. So you get a special Saturday post instead! I will see you then, so have a great night!

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